Silent ? Are you disengaged ?

There are several attempts in many organizations to improve the engagement scores and get into the best employer top ranges. The intention is great but the way we choose to improve is deeply flawed. Just as free and fair elections are critical in a democracy, the engagement surveys have to be without negative consequences. I … Read more Silent ? Are you disengaged ?

Inequality of impact

There are four terrorist attacks just before PM Modi’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir. Before that for nearly a month we had border incursions both by Pakistan and China. The following message is being shared over Whatsapp – ———– Indian Army……untold stories. Recent attack in J&K. It is unusual for the second-in-command of an infantry … Read more Inequality of impact

Make it small

Everyone seems to have taken the advert for the liquor brand Seagrams Royal Stag seriously – “It’s your life, make it large”. Everything has gotten larger, portion sizes, plate sizes, shirt sizes, dress sizes and consequently the number of lifestyle diseases ! During my weight-loss program at the Sivananda yoga centre in Gurgaon, Arun, the … Read more Make it small

Fix the root cause !

Today’s science says the only way to get your teeth clean and have great smelling breath is to brush-floss-rinse with mouthwash preferably with a certain company’s brand … And then you will have no germ buildup. Continue eating all the junk you can lay your hands on and think all the junk thoughts, just use … Read more Fix the root cause !

Fear of failure

Twenty four years back, I attended the first MILT convention at Bangalore, called “Sangam”. Krishnan and I had been married a few months then, and (late) Reddy’s wedding gift was our trip to Bangalore and attending the convention. There were several technical papers presented and one of them was on “fear” and how to be … Read more Fear of failure

Junk trail and air travel woes :(

Our GoAir saga is not over yet. We are now at gate A09, this is changed quietly from A08 and the gates aren’t next to each other at Mumbai’s domestic airport terminal 1 A. Krishnan, my ever vigilant sweetheart, kept checking the announcement display board and saw that the gate had been changed. So we … Read more Junk trail and air travel woes 🙁

Remembering Soni … And RIP Hughes

By a strange twist of fate, the young Australian cricketer Phil Hughes passed away today making it a really sad day. He succumbed to the head injury sustained while playing …. And I just heard on the news that his mother and sister were in the stands when the bouncer hit Phil. My heart goes … Read more Remembering Soni … And RIP Hughes

Karkare Karambir Diwas

Two months back his sweetheart had a haemorrhage and passed away … She didn’t die though. All the organs that could be used were donated. So one person now lives amongst many !! Now he must be at peace and the two of them, Hemant and Kavita Karkare can complete the dinner that was interrupted … Read more Karkare Karambir Diwas