Stay amazed with Prof Kale

Yesterday I was at ISB attending “Solstice”. I went too early so managed to catch up with Nishi and Geetu while waiting for Sanchita. I love the campus and it felt nice to be back. Once Sanchita came, we walked around the stalls and then got a foot massage at the RC. Just before the … Read more Stay amazed with Prof Kale

Thank you, Gen. Musharraf – I agree with you !

For once I agree with Gen. Musharraf. He said two days back that the Peshawar attack that was carried out by terrorists was India’s fault. I agree. Infact there are many other things that are India’s fault !! Starting with the partition and letting Pakistan be created … If only India hadn’t played into the … Read more Thank you, Gen. Musharraf – I agree with you !

Keep Converting

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who lived a short luminous life of fifty years was born a Hindu Brahmin. Once he was enlightened, he lived a year as a Muslim and had visions of Prophet Mohammed and then lived a year or so as a Christian. His Maa Kali helped him realise that all religions lead to the … Read more Keep Converting

Uber Uncool – Meru and Ola too Uncool

The recent rape that happened in an Uber cab has just gone to prove that your safety is really your concern – man or woman, especially woman. While everyone is targeting the Uber cab service, I just read the T&C of two other cab companies – Meru and Ola and found them just as uncool … Read more Uber Uncool – Meru and Ola too Uncool