Extra Time victory !

Congratulations to Germany for having won the Football World Cup. I don’t watch football and the only interest I had in this world cup was the fact that it was hosted in Brazil and some games were played in Belo Horizonte, the city we had visited as part of our […]

Someday ..

The full moon plays hide and seek As the car weaves through traffic, The tall buildings try and offer cover, Where once the trees did .. You can’t look up, unless You stop … And stop you cannot ! The honey colored moon can wait But that bill is due […]

Competence masks attitude :(

I have had no maid attrition in nearly 12 years. Molina came to do the household chores in 2003 and has been cleaning the house since. She is outstanding and the house remains clean for a couple of days without further cleaning. Last month one of the residents in our […]

Orphaned in ten days ..

They were introduced to us by the previous owner of our place in Coorg and they became the care takers. When mom and dad lived in the house there, they would come everyday, help around the house, help in plucking the coffee berries and pepper and help in drying them. […]

Are you engaged ?

The most abused word after “leader” in the corporate world is “engagement”. Every team, every firm, every manager is tasked with it and elaborate plans are made each year to get colleagues engaged because all studies by every known, unknown expert says engaged employees are the most productive. And that […]

Tennis memories

Just watching the match between Federer and Djokovic and seeing Becker in the stands just brought back a host of memories. Exactly 30 years back, on July 7, Becker became the youngest player to win the Wimbledon. I saw that match on a small TV at Air Force academy, Hyderabad. […]

The seduction of power !

As always, the above quote is a classic one from the great man, Abraham Lincoln. We see how power changes people overnight. Look around you and see the games people play to become more powerful. Somebody wines and dines the political honchos, some others use “power” brokers, some work as […]