A new circle of help

She had found ShikshaDaan on the internet and given Krishnan a call. In the email, she wrote that she had managed to do her first and second year B.Tech degree and was looking for funds to continue her education. Her parents are working as cooks and could not fund her […]

Linkedin helps !

I like Linkedin. On three occasions it has helped me solve my problems as a customer. Here are the three incidents – 1. Fenesta …. I am scared to relate the incident even. This happened four years back in 2010 around the same time, July-August. We wanted to change the […]

Abhimanyu … Today

Yesterday we went to “Epicentre” to watch a play called “Revisiting the Epics”. Because the traffic management outside Epicentre is non-existent, the show started 15 minutes late. We were ofcourse there early enough and walked a 1000 steps too before the show started :):):) The production featured three scenes from […]

Irresponsible … :(

I watched the movie “Dhoom 3” on TV today. Nice slick production and many things to feel happy about, storyline is interesting and well, with the great Aamir Khan as the main protagonist, the acting was superb. Especially the scene towards the end where he morphs into a different character […]

Going dimensions

I was at the Nasscom HR summit that took place in Chennai on July 23 and 24. On the first day, I was underwhelmed and thought maybe I should not have stayed back for this event. But I was so wrong !! Every seminar, event that Nasscom does, there is […]

Values alignment

Yesterday I was the guest speaker at one of our internal training programs and the discussion was on values. I find the topic fascinating and very meaningful. While preparing for the session, I was looking at two separate public incidents both involving disasters. One, the recent MH 17 crash due […]

A limitless life

I have always held the belief that men and women place the limits on themselves with limiting beliefs and accepting others vision for their life. This is a little more true for women than men, as society is more forgiving of “different” behavior from men, for example, Draupadi is difficult […]

You never know…

Last year when we were in Brazil for our MBA classes, my classmate read the news about a five year old girl’s rape … By a neighbour who pushed a candle up her vagina. The child died and I don’t know what happened to the rapist. Yesterday a colleague of […]