Feeling at home

The full moon was orange and the smile came as always when the plane started the descent towards Delhi. I love this city, with all it’s warts and I know the warts are big and ugly… There are beasts in the garb of human beings, Damini happened here […]

Deja Vu … Randomly

Prof Chopra … Today when you talked about a slide being dense, the class was quiet since it reminded us of a time when most of us collectively felt dense πŸ™‚ you also spoke of how when 80% of the class gets an answer wrong, then it’s most […]


On Jan 11, I finally completed 10000 kms …. Cycling. And while it has been delayed by nearly 18 months, I still feel great having achieved that milestone. Am no athlete, I gave up on the little badminton that I played right through college, as soon as I […]

I underestimated

I underestimated the impact of cricket !! I drove back from work today and the roads were empty. Then I remembered we had the one day match today and thank God India won ! I just have had too much cricket … It’s like having too much of […]

Hope = Infosys campus

I attended a Nasscom session today. Ravi Venkatesan was interviewing Prof Joseph Stiglitz, a two time Nobel laureate. All that we learnt in our macro economics class at ISB was worth it because I understood everything that was spoken, and fascinatingly enough, Prof Stiglitz had some compelling arguments […]

Happy birthday Appa

Dear Appa, Wish you a very happy birthday, this time from your favourite city Bangalore πŸ™‚ we celebrated your birthday with a ride in the morning and Bhel Puri in the evening. Amma wants to let you know that she is becoming a little more independent everyday. Infact […]

Open door and closed minds

Many offices have an “open door” policy basically meaning that there aren’t hierarchies and people won’t sit behind closed doors. I guess it also was a way to break down the strict hierarchies that we had in Government offices with senior folk sitting behind heavy wooden doors !! […]

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