Back to school

It’s funny how history repeats itself and similar things happen similarly in the same “incident frame” πŸ™‚ Today, I took the day off. I had to do the last minute balance packing and a few other chores. I had valiantly tried to work for a couple of hours […]

Not to forget !

I don’t forget birthdays …. I have a calendar that captures all the birthdays and anniversaries and other important dates for my friends and it ensures I don’t miss anyone’s important day. I thought most people would be that way but realised over time that most people don’t […]

Happy Birthday Aporesh

I went for this one week management training program to Chennai because the owners of the NIIT franchise sent me for it and one of the partners infact did the program with me. I found the name MILT very strange and the trainer’s name a bit more… But […]

Cycle matters !

The cycle does make a difference !!! Yesterday my friend brought over his “hardly” used cycle, a Trek 3700. My trusted 4300 is a little rusted I thought, since the front brakes were touching the wheel and no matter how many times Raju tried fixing it the problem […]

Randomness won…

I love the rains – the more the better. I was born in a rain storm, so guess the connection is deep. I always want to get drenched and splash in the puddles. Whenever we have moved to a new house or a new city, it has always […]


He spent 27 years behind bars …. Came out and ended the apartheid regime and lead the bloodless transfer of power in South Africa and he turned 94 on July 18. Nelson Mandela – a true transcendent leader !! What tenacity and power over his thoughts he must […]

Arnab, chill

khap panchayat Dear Arnab, You were all worked up today about Akhilesh Yadav ji, honourable chief minister of UP saying media must discuss about the Asara village Khap panchayat’s diktats and that he cannot πŸ™‚ you media people don’t understand the pulls and pressure on a young chief […]

Should I be scared ?

A couple of days back, I was returning from work and in a short stretch there were no lights and a police car was the only other car and that too without headlamps…. I was absolutely clear that I will not stop even if these were really policemen […]

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A Celebration of Indian Vegetarian cooking, with a twist !

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