A mini-lesson day

The day started with huge disappointment … The last 3 minutes of a 30 minute conversation completely demotivated me. Am big on fairness in all dealings, and someone being unfair put me off completely. For a few minutes I didn’t want to meet anyone, do anything, but things […]

Strange company

Am completely uncomfortable in traditional weddings. I mostly tag along with Krishnan or with my mom-in-law and literally hide behind them and my big smile. Today we attended a cousin’s son’s wedding. The only person I knew very well was Krishnan’s aunt and another distant relative. I also […]

NaMo Narayana !!

For the first time, I heard Narendra Modi speak for nearly two hours yesterday. This was the India Today conclave and I came away very impressed !! For me what stood out were – passion for doing a great job, statistics about his state Gujarat on his fingertips, […]


I have always had a “weight” problem – since I was in my twenties !! I would keep hoping it was something simple like thyroid and miraculously the weight would melt away, but it never does. I do manage to lose weight, but can’t keep it away. The […]

Twenty three

It seems like the fluttering Of the eyelid, just once But twenty three years Flew by Years of keeping the promise Given, in the first look The long hair gone The bald pâté A handsomer you And the same wild me What a ride we have had And […]

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