Smarten up !

There are two big challenges that a manager of manager faces – developing his/her manager and giving developmental feedback to him/her. The biggest challenge a manager of manager faces in developing his direct report is – not to be directive. It’s the easiest way to get things done, […]

Social animal, social media

The new whipping boy for our politicians is the social media, especially Marc Zuckerberg’s Facebook 🙂 Yesterday while watching the television news on different channels about the North East rumour, or Kanda’s surrender/arrest every politician was united in condemning the social media. Very funny… Remember those days when […]

I don’t get it !

Today morning Krishnan and I went to this mini-produce “Haat” that has been started inside Ridgewood Estate. It is a vendor who brings fresh vegetables and fruits every alternate day into the condo complex and his rates are cheaper than the “Safal” outlet that is already inside the […]

Time Capsule 08-04 to 08-09

It felt a little strange waking up today at home and not rushing to the class … Not worrying about the test and not skipping breakfast ! Every term at ISB I think is a “time capsule” from which each of us will emerge with new knowledge and […]

Back to school

It’s funny how history repeats itself and similar things happen similarly in the same “incident frame” 🙂 Today, I took the day off. I had to do the last minute balance packing and a few other chores. I had valiantly tried to work for a couple of hours […]

Not to forget !

I don’t forget birthdays …. I have a calendar that captures all the birthdays and anniversaries and other important dates for my friends and it ensures I don’t miss anyone’s important day. I thought most people would be that way but realised over time that most people don’t […]

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