In pain :(

Today I thought of walking back from work. Krishnan dropped me off in the morning and walked over in the evening to pick me up. The distance was probably just under 2.5 kms – really a short walk but it took us 40 mins !! The cacophony of […]

Cycling in Bangalore

Our first ride in Bangalore happened yesterday … A short 12 Km ride. There isn’t a stretch like our GCR or CRPF or even the GFR. The closest is probably the airport road, which we plan to try tomorrow to assess traffic conditions. The best thing about Bangalore […]

Scraping the bottom

The guy is a hiring mistake !! Everyone including the person who hired him agree and you don’t hear a squeak from him for the five years that he is in the organization – then the email announcing his promotion arrives. You sit there wondering what happened. The […]

Dad and Osho

Dear Appa, Both you men meant the world to me …. And both of you chose this day – to come and go !!! What a coincidence. Do you remember ? It was around 11.45 pm, four years back, I was coming back from Delhi and when the […]

What a start to Term 4 !!

First we manage to conduct our own classes on Saturday and what informative sessions they were ! We found out about how Ahmed spiritedly helped turn around the fortunes of his spirits organization and how much of thought goes behind changing a brand’s positioning. Also some alarming statistics […]

The room is empty

The empty room, is empty again Temporarily filled, Nine years of memories Filled three cartons And a heart full … To step away from the familiar To embrace the unknown The memorised extensions To be expanded The voices different The thoughts new … And another adventure begins A […]

Masalachilli - A Celebration of Indian Vegetarian Cooking, with a twist!

A Celebration of Indian Vegetarian cooking, with a twist !

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