I know many of you are wondering what the title means.. I have three people in my life without whom I probably will not be able to spring the surprises I do or even complete regular work many times. This blog is both a tribute and complaint about […]


In 1997 we went and stayed at our friend Raji and Mani’s place in Vashi – we had just shut down our business and were trying to find opportunities in Mumbai to restart our careers. One of those days, Nisha took us to a roadside pushcart vendor and […]

“Like” Asymmetry

I might be coining a new term with this blog. It occurred to me suddenly today morning that just as there is information asymmetry, in finance and economics and an impact of the asymmetry, similarly in life, there is a “like” asymmetry between people and it has consequences. […]

Synchronous living

As soon as the plane reached upto a certain height the NH8 and other roads looked like rivers of gold and red and soon Delhi looked like the motherboard of a super large computer. The night is beautiful, the lights seem as though the sky fell and the […]

The 23rd

Never believe if your man says that men forget birthdays and anniversaries and all those adverts showing how he buys larger diamonds because he forgets his anniversary are all wrong… Krishnan has never forgotten any special day, and never missed a special occasion. The day started as beautifully […]


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