Jam, dust, heat and clean toilets !!

I love coming to Delhi-NCR …. I still think of it as home and just love the place BUT, after Himachal for a month, it was a very sad trip back home…. While I still smiled as soon as we hit the NH8, but a big part of my heart was still in Himachal. Hmmmm… … Read more Jam, dust, heat and clean toilets !!


Thank you, Gen. Musharraf – I agree with you !

For once I agree with Gen. Musharraf. He said two days back that the Peshawar attack that was carried out by terrorists was India’s fault. I agree. Infact there are many other things that are India’s fault !! Starting with the partition and letting Pakistan be created … If only India hadn’t played into the … Read more Thank you, Gen. Musharraf – I agree with you !

Keep Converting

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who lived a short luminous life of fifty years was born a Hindu Brahmin. Once he was enlightened, he lived a year as a Muslim and had visions of Prophet Mohammed and then lived a year or so as a Christian. His Maa Kali helped him realise that all religions lead to the … Read more Keep Converting

Inequality of impact

There are four terrorist attacks just before PM Modi’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir. Before that for nearly a month we had border incursions both by Pakistan and China. The following message is being shared over Whatsapp – ———– Indian Army……untold stories. Recent attack in J&K. It is unusual for the second-in-command of an infantry … Read more Inequality of impact

Karkare Karambir Diwas

Two months back his sweetheart had a haemorrhage and passed away … She didn’t die though. All the organs that could be used were donated. So one person now lives amongst many !! Now he must be at peace and the two of them, Hemant and Kavita Karkare can complete the dinner that was interrupted … Read more Karkare Karambir Diwas

Letter to the PM – 1. Education

Dear ModiJi, I am a big fan of yours and I like the way you communicate directly on social media. While am sure a small army at the PMO keeps you current, it’s still commendable that you choose to reach out and communicate regularly. I plan to write a series of letters to you on … Read more Letter to the PM – 1. Education

Inequality, Is there a solution? What Can I do as an individual?

I happened to read an article on Facebook posted by someone, with a hard hitting on your face photograph of street children in India. I almost came to tears…seeing a bunch of kids who neither had a confirmed source of food nor even clothes to cover themselves. Despite having three different and distinct models that … Read more Inequality, Is there a solution? What Can I do as an individual?

Special birthday

Krishnan’s birthday today will remain a special one for a long long time .. First, because we woke up to see the beautiful Himalayas, pristine and glorious. Second, because the country got its second Independence with the dramatic victory of the Modi led BJP. We drove down to Gagar, a small village about 25 kms … Read more Special birthday

LGBT – Love, Goodness, Beauty Transformed

The Supreme Court has kept aside the HC order and has restored IPC 377, making homosexuality a criminal offence. The LGBT community is hugely disappointed and terribly upset. The politicians and (un)religious (un)learned speakers for major religions are now stuck with this problem to solve. They don’t have the balls or breasts to do it … Read more LGBT – Love, Goodness, Beauty Transformed