The Hyderabad saris – 2

I have some special memories attached with two of these saris. Also each of these saris is made of different fabrics – a crepe, a Kanchivaram dual tone silk and a cotton. BTW, all photo credits for me in different saris go to Krishnan :). He not only picks out these saris, but also patiently … Read more The Hyderabad saris – 2


Satya Paul on a train and a bus !

I love some of Satya Paul’s sarees … The designs are beautiful. I said some because I don’t like the bling work. I like embroidery and classy bling (less is classy) but for some reason many of his saris have too much bling work done on them. I buy the Satya Paul sarees only during … Read more Satya Paul on a train and a bus !

My concert saris – 2 :)

We attended nearly 12 concerts as part of the Chennai December music season and this has got us hooked. We certainly hope to come back every year during the music season to hear some truly great musicians and some budding greats. I also realised that its the sari season and I enjoyed watching the many … Read more My concert saris – 2 🙂