You are more original than you think!

You are more original than you think !

You are more original than you think !! Your ideas are more unique than you think.. so go on and work on your bright ideas/suggestions.


What Motivates You To Study and Why?

Peeyush Meena

For me the motivation to study well and score high marks, came from my father’s sharing with me about our family’s financial condition. The motivation to study well, varies from person to person. I happened to read Abhimanyu’s answer to the above question on Quora where he has shared the case of Peeyush Meena…. who motivate himself to study in a jail !!

What is so special about ShikshaDaan?

Bindu and I set up ShikshaDaan Foundation in the year 2012. The next three years sort of went away as we got to get various registrations, approvals and exemptions from the Government. Also, we wanted to study the higher education space in detail and come up with a unique value delivery model that truly delivers … Read more What is so special about ShikshaDaan?

Microvolunteering: The Magic of Engaging Time-Strapped Supporters in Meaningful Nonprofit Tasks – Non Profit News | Nonprofit Quarterly

An interesting post on the subject of volunteering. While almost all the NGOs would prefer long term committed volunteers, even if few in numbers, the post advocates the benefits of finding episodic volunteers or as I understand, short term or one time need based volunteers who can still deliver value. From brief, hands-on assignments to … Read more Microvolunteering: The Magic of Engaging Time-Strapped Supporters in Meaningful Nonprofit Tasks – Non Profit News | Nonprofit Quarterly

And the U.P Yatra begins

Since July 2017, we have been doing only short trips of nearby districts for ShikshaDaan as we had a lot of unfinished work at Delhi and we were also awaiting our 80G exemption. We got the 80G exemption in Feb 2018 and we immediately did our strategy meeting in March to decide on the way … Read more And the U.P Yatra begins

Smelly feet and inadequate skills

A couple of weeks back, we called in our regular plumber Manas, to fix the flow of water in Amma’s bathroom. Manas came over and diagnosed the problem. He said the “mixer” assembly had to be replaced since it was not working and it couldn’t be repaired. We told him to get it replaced and … Read more Smelly feet and inadequate skills

Jumping with joy !!

Today we received the much awaited 80G exemption for ShikshaDaan. It helps us raise more resources and thereby impact even more beneficiaries positively. Phew ! It has been a tough two years because we met so many deserving scholars as we travelled across India, but we were unable to meet everyone’s requirements. Now with the … Read more Jumping with joy !!

If you haven’t let your kids fail, you have failed, already…

While there is a lot of focus, of late, on the importance and learnings of failure, at work and also in life, going through the phase immediately after what you have termed as a failure on your part is not easy. It’s very difficult. It looks great when you read such stories of failures in fiction books and the occasional movies. 

Having gone through bankruptcy myself in mid nineties through business mishappenings, I can understand the emotions and feelings facing failure, and the huge consequences that come with it. It took six years for me and my life partner to come out of the financial mess. But the insights and learnings that we got out of the failure is immeasurable. In fact more valuable than the program that I did from IIM Ahmedabad in the late nineties that was central to our recovery. While you may not be prepared to fail you should be ready to learn from the failure(s) and mistakes. 

As parents, it’s very important to let your kids, fall and/or fail. Small or big. You don’t have to motivate them to fail but you can always support and help them. My parents never scolded or offended us post our business disaster but supported us right through the recovery phase in innumerable ways. Their tolerance for our failures was a huge contributing factor in our growth.

Here is an interesting article on the subject of patents letting their kids fail. 

Parents: let your kids fail. You’ll be doing them a favor