Daily Reflections

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New Words

Am reading this delicious book titled “A Gentleman in Moscow” and I am reading it really slowly because its that kind of book. You just want to linger on every page and hope that the book never really ends :). Along the way, I have picked up four new words. […]

What made him beg ?

“He held his hand out, And my hand held firm, On the pack of goodies.. ……A traffic light, Stopped the movement, And a slight hunger, Made me reach for it, Then the bundle of rags, Filthy, unclean, With no other thought, Except to get… Something free. What made him beg?!! […]

Growing up Mom #6

On a hot dry afternoon in 1970 in Dehu Road, my dad brought two guests with him for lunch unannounced. Amma was new to cooking and I was a few months old… She struggled and managed to put up some lunch for Appa and his two colleagues. That day she […]