Things or people ?

A husband and wife are leaving on a trip. The wife is the packer, whenever they move or go out on trips, usually she is the one who packs. Since the husband is the non-interfering types and believes that whoever is competent in doing something should do it. All goes well, till they buy new … Read more

My name in a book !

How seemingly unconnected incidents are all linked in hindsight !! When Aon Hewitt’s diversity leader Nichole visited India in 2014 for a client meeting, I got a chance to meet her and we enjoyed talking about challenges that Indian women face. Strangely enough, that was the only client meet that I could attend since I … Read more

When something doesn’t happen, something better will happen !!

Yesterday morning, we visited the famous Ramanathar temple at Rameswaram. It is said that Sri Rama, came to this spot after killing Ravana and rescuing Sita, and Sage Agasthya suggested that he worship Lord Siva so that no sin accrues to him due to killing Ravana. Sri Rama asks Hanuman to get him a Siva … Read more