The fallen hero

The first thing I connected with him was a yellow plastic band that people wore as a bracelet…. And the words Livestrong written on them. I didn’t know they were for cancer support, I didn’t know he was a hero and what Tour de France meant. Then in 2009 I fell in love with mountain … Read more

The Storm

The sky has changed color And the clouds have started to fight The muddy brown of yesterday Will soon be a runny brown If any of the cloud loses the fight And cries The sky blue in the morning Hint of green and purple Giving way to the dark night The wires broken The windscreen … Read more

The Bully in us

“Make no mistake” as one of my ex-bosses would say, there is a bully hidden inside each of us. He or She is just waiting for the right candidate to bully. Someone weaker, someone who is unable to protest, someone who is dependent on you, someone who thinks they have no option but listen, someone … Read more

Happy Birthday Manish

I met him on my first ride with the Pedalyatris… May of 2009. The first thing he did was to increase the height of my saddle, without heeding to my protests that I am scared if my feet don’t touch the ground. And a bunch of men, including Krishnan made me ride to Mangar that … Read more

Ideas Man

Last Sunday I was working on creating the program for a one day intervention on Monday and as always Krishnan was finding me interesting videos and other material. He found the right video for the finale and that really was a grand finale for the intervention. Then this Sunday I was working on another homework … Read more

Men and grooming !

Ok I do expect this to set off a debate 🙂 but if I hurt some of my men-friends’ sensibilities, I sincerely apologize upfront. Today’s Brunch carries several pages on the new trends in Men’s grooming – waxing, eyebrow shaping, wearing women’s clothes, tote bags, androgynous model Andrej Peijic etc. I pride myself on having … Read more