Hope = Infosys campus

I attended a Nasscom session today. Ravi Venkatesan was interviewing Prof Joseph Stiglitz, a two time Nobel laureate. All that we learnt in our macro economics class at ISB was worth it because I understood everything that was spoken, and fascinatingly enough, Prof Stiglitz had some compelling arguments about why Walmart’s entry into India is … Read more

Happy birthday Appa

Dear Appa, Wish you a very happy birthday, this time from your favourite city Bangalore 🙂 we celebrated your birthday with a ride in the morning and Bhel Puri in the evening. Amma wants to let you know that she is becoming a little more independent everyday. Infact she has dealt with this change of … Read more

Invited to hell

Death claimed you The instant the butcher used A steel rod A steel rod ! Against tender human flesh Whose only crime was To fight against animals That attacked her and her friend Death was so shocked And pained by the barbarity That he claimed them too The animals, Just delayed it long enough So … Read more

New year – today

For Krishnan the New year started today morning when the current issue of HBR downloaded finally 🙂 In my marriage the only thing am scared of is Harvard Business Review. Krishnan loves that magazine and we get a print copy and an electronic copy on Kindle. Krishnan follows up with the vendor who delivers the … Read more

And I forgot Stephen Covey !

As I wrote out the 2012 year end note I forgot one of the biggest losses – Stephen Covey. Stephen Covey brought back the character ethic, that was forgotten in the wake of the personality ethic that Dale Carnegie and his kind promoted. Basically, the difference being outward cosmetic changes won’t work, as long as … Read more

A new era begins

The news channels talk of the end of an era …. As you retire from your role as the chairman of Tata Sons. You don’t know me, but like me, there are several professionals for whom you are a role model and an inspiration. In a world that is ready to take every shortcut in … Read more