Butchers disguised as doctors !

Today the first piece of news on many news channels was how a minor 13 year girl was locked up in a Dwarka house with food and water for just two days. Her employers are doctors and they left her behind as they have gone on a trip to Thailand. They have placed CCTVs in … Read more

A woman’s liberation…

In Mahabharata, Gandhari ties a piece of cloth over her eyes, going blind voluntarily because her husband Dhritarashtra was blind. Great ! She is much revered and the Gods gift her with special powers since she did this. The question though is, what if she had been blind ? Would Dhritarashtra have tied a cloth … Read more

Morally disabled nation

I had to look up the meaning of two words – barbaric and civilised. barbaric adjective 1. brutal, fierce, cruel, savage, crude, vicious, ruthless, coarse, vulgar, heartless, inhuman, merciless, bloodthirsty, remorseless, barbarous, pitiless, uncouth a particularly barbaric act of violence 2. uncivilized, wild, savage, primitive, rude, barbarian, barbarous a prehistoric and barbaric world uncivilized cultured, … Read more