Don’t Exit the Dragon …… Fruit !!

Dragon Fruit

Read all about the Dragon Fruit. Enjoy this summer fruit and don’t exit this dragon …. fruit :):) but definitely exit the dragon (Chinese) products 

Soundarya Lahiri and a long lost memory …

Yesterday was Mahashivaratri and I saw pictures of the Shankaracharya temple in Kashmir being all lit up after many decades… Obviously I knew nothing about the Shankaracharya Temple of Kashmir. I only knew that Adi Sankara had spent time in Kashmir at the Sharada Peeth. Enter Wikipedia and I found out that he had visited … Read more

Down Memory Lane – Amma’s 75th @ Tirunelveli

In December 2018, we started planning a surprise for my mother who turned 75 yesterday. Amma doesn’t wear new saris and she doesn’t like parties etc, but she loves the place that she was born and grew up in – Tirunelveli. So Krishnan suggested that we celebrate her 75th at Tirunelveli. I immediately booked our … Read more

There you go …. Here you are !

The flames would have consumed your mortal body by now … that amazing smile, the animated face, the lively eyes and that golden heart will be missed forever. Dear Raji, I miss you already and I cannot imagine how Mani must be feeling. I have both your numbers stored as “Raji Mani” and “Mani Raji” … Read more