A storm 22 years back nearly brought on a rain of tears 🙂 I was at Vizag and Krishnan had to come there in order to celebrate his birthday, the first after we had met in March that year. A cyclone left planes grounded and trains were canceled … He still managed to come over … Read more Daspalla


Term 2 – Rational to Delusional :)

The term started with two words “motivation” and “intuition” and in a Managerial Economics class ! So fascinating that what we thought would be just numbers, turned out to have an “intuitive” element as well. More on that … We discovered so much more about each other in this term.. Sreedhar and Bhat’s dancing, Mehraj … Read more Term 2 – Rational to Delusional 🙂

The social cost of emotional monopoly

One of the classes in Managerial Economics spoke about the social cost of monopoly and that set me thinking … What is the social cost of emotional monopoly ? A young child, just born will have complete monopoly of its mother’s emotion, the social cost being all her other relationships, sometimes her health, sometimes even … Read more The social cost of emotional monopoly

Leadership bankruptcy

There are some over abused words in the corporate world, like “visibility”, “proactive”, “R and R”, “Values”, “metrics”, “vision”, etc and then there is death by PowerPoint :):) on these very topics. The hope is, inadequacy of skill will be made up with adequate and eloquent words. The world doesn’t work that way, fortunately !! … Read more Leadership bankruptcy