Why do you pray ?

I read Rajesh’s tweet about सरकार के मुंह में राम बगल में छुरी! And that set me thinking about why people pray ? Very often when I cross a temple, I find hoards of people trying to look pious and “God fearing” … Why fear God ? Fear is when you don’t know what to … Read more

You are what you think

I started the day with the decision that I will read or listen to Osho everyday – he is as available to me today as he was when he was alive, infact more so. And the first CD I popped into the stereo system was his talk on Dhammapada. Hearing Osho speak on Buddha’s teachings … Read more

Dont Marry….

if you intend to connect over every latest connection tool – Skype, Gtalk, phone, video chat, google circles, FaceTime ….. I refuse to understand LDR – long distance relationships. If you only choose to connect over the ether most of the time, just don’t marry. There is no substitute for holding hands, a warm hug … Read more

Mohd Rafi

It is so difficult to switch him off !!! I put in a Mohd Rafi CD while driving to work today and when I parked in the basement, I just sat in the car waiting for him to finish the song. God has been very unfair – he gave this man all the honey in … Read more

Electric Compassion

I married the man who told me about Valentine’s day … So everyday for me has been a day of love. Krishnan told me on the Marina beach, Chennai on 18th March 1990 that we should marry only if both of us help each other become something extraordinary. We did marry and have spent everyday … Read more

My mom’s 8th birthday

For the first ever time yesterday, I bought a birthday card for my mom. I have wished her every year, bought her presents, sent her flowers etc, but somehow never bought her a card !! I always rave about my father’s influence on my life and say very little about Amma’s influence, but it is … Read more

Hot piping fresh food

On Friday Feb 10, as I drove to work, the lights near Park Plaza turned red so I had to stop… Since the day I saw that little girl at this intersection, I anyway slow down and look around hoping I can find out her name. There is a Hanuman temple right opposite Park Plaza. … Read more

Contrasting unions …

On Feb 10, I left from office early because my dear friend KVK was turning 60 and Swarn his sweetheart (wife sounds bland) was throwing him a surprise party. Mom, Krishnan and I turned up just in time and it was great to catch up with KVK and ofcourse to see the collage of pictures … Read more

I am inconvenienced :)

Days when things don’t go the right way …. I try and send an email to the organisation about day one of Pratibimb and am still trying. I reboot my laptop and now the names are validating at a snail’s pace. I have a short fuse, but it gets even more shorter when things like … Read more

Something left undone …

A whole weekend goes by and the Monday is gone too, but the sense of something left undone remains. A series of incidents and the feelings they generated is what this post is about… Friday night when Amma and I returned from Chennai, I got the 27th row – I just don’t like being a … Read more