On Sunday we had an impromptu session on Executive Presence and one of the listed behaviours was “Gender Graciousness” and I made the now famous statement, that just say “Graciousness”, as gender has very little to do with it. Most men and women have forgotten what it means to be gracious ! Just watch an … Read more

Completed Term 3 and not finished yet !!

It was part of the pre-read that we probably didnt read in detail – Economics is the study of unintended consequences … And it is right. The unintended consequence of Term 3 is a sudden sense of understanding about fiscal deficit, currency exchange rate, broken window fallacy, MPK and MPL !!! This term started with … Read more


A storm 22 years back nearly brought on a rain of tears 🙂 I was at Vizag and Krishnan had to come there in order to celebrate his birthday, the first after we had met in March that year. A cyclone left planes grounded and trains were canceled … He still managed to come over … Read more

Term 3 begins ..

It was a laugh riot while we were on the plane together and then at the airport and finally before the EFM exam – like Arun said, all of us were nervous and it was being expressed as uncontrollable giggles. The late night Akerlof prank by Antony and the early morning call from Venkat to … Read more

To my Soul-sister !

We got introduced in a Chemistry lab and since then have been a part of each other’s experiments with life. I was joining Wesley college in the second year – they were the only college who accepted me in year two after my first year in Gujarati medium at Jamnagar 🙂 Meera was a neighbour … Read more

The fallen hero

The first thing I connected with him was a yellow plastic band that people wore as a bracelet…. And the words Livestrong written on them. I didn’t know they were for cancer support, I didn’t know he was a hero and what Tour de France meant. Then in 2009 I fell in love with mountain … Read more

The Storm

The sky has changed color And the clouds have started to fight The muddy brown of yesterday Will soon be a runny brown If any of the cloud loses the fight And cries The sky blue in the morning Hint of green and purple Giving way to the dark night The wires broken The windscreen … Read more

The Bully in us

“Make no mistake” as one of my ex-bosses would say, there is a bully hidden inside each of us. He or She is just waiting for the right candidate to bully. Someone weaker, someone who is unable to protest, someone who is dependent on you, someone who thinks they have no option but listen, someone … Read more