Happy start to the day …. But

Did the first 50 km ride of this year !! And after a long time. Felt great. Now figuring out how to get a bike at Chennai and Salem for the next week. All packed and ready for Aravind’s marriage. Booked the GRT hotel. ….. While the morning and afternoon were great, am so disturbed … Read more

Snowmen and Singed cells

There were two abominable Snowmen, one behind the other today at a traffic signal in the Gurgaon Metropolis. One pure white, the other the color of mother Earth. While they eyed each other a couple of monster buses came by and all vehicles gave way …. The Pune rampage in mind. What a day to … Read more

Today’s regular ride

The convenience of having more than one cycle !!! Took the Giant out for the ride today as I have to fix the tube on my Trek. Krishnan and I went upto the CRPF campus. We need to start earlier so we can beat some of the traffic. 361 days to go for the year … Read more

The elusive calm

The inside is all quiet, but the need to react quickly with the outside world makes me react … the intensity of reactions sometimes unwarranted. So the real reason for Oprah not wanting to come back to India were the widows of Brindavan and the way they were treated, not the fracas that her security … Read more


Oprah came visiting and because her security detail roughed up some media folk, she will never visit India again …. Touchy ? Hmm – suddenly all those talk shows of hers seem so shallow. One problem and the country is off limits. Has she learnt anything at all from interviewing the hundreds of celebrities ? … Read more

Lunch tamasha

For the first time it was a sense of release from a jail when we exited from Kingdom of dreams culture gully !! We wanted some food packed and this amazing place does not pack anything… I didn’t invent the doggy pack, hotels did and rightfully so. So either you go to KOD with the … Read more

What is your name ?

The night is dark and deep But the picture from the morning Refuses to go away…. She stopped the traffic Holding a decorated box Mostly empty Unkempt and ill-fitting clothes A tiny frame Couldn’t have lived more than four or five years Unconcerned about the light That had turned green… Horns blaring for no one … Read more