You never know…

Last year when we were in Brazil for our MBA classes, my classmate read the news about a five year old girl’s rape … By a neighbour who pushed a candle up her vagina. The child died and I don’t know what happened to the rapist. Yesterday a colleague of mine told me of a … Read more

Elections and Leadership Lessons – 8. Strategy

The political scene is akin to the business scenario, there is money involved, leadership involved, strategy involved and most of all competition involved. Competition is bad enough to even get people killed as we saw post polls in Uttar Pradesh. Think of the scenario during elections. You had two well established parties, the Congress and … Read more

Are you engaged ?

The most abused word after “leader” in the corporate world is “engagement”. Every team, every firm, every manager is tasked with it and elaborate plans are made each year to get colleagues engaged because all studies by every known, unknown expert says engaged employees are the most productive. And that is the truth. What is … Read more