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Bindu Krishnan

Adoption that went awry

We have all been suffering the consequences of an adoption, that was done in good faith and with great intention, but is a lesson in what not to adopt. Apparently the father of our nation, the great Mahatma Gandhi gave his name to Feroze Ghandy/Ghandi/Khan in order to […]

Angry words

Don’t teach me how to live, I like my personal hell, don’t tell me always what to wear, I like the jarring colors, don’t tell me how to sit, I enjoy the pain in my hip, don’t tell me what to cook, I like the time spent cooking […]

Don’t wish to be there !

The most common statement one says to a friend who has helped you in times of need is “I wish I get an opportunity to repay, or I will be there for you” …. I have a huge problem with that, because it basically means the other person […]

The dark heart

One presence mars a perfect evening, The sharp words The wounding behaviour The using of another human being…. All came back at the same time, The connection broken beyond repair The strain too obvious No, I didn’t want to be in the same room With someone so cheap… […]

An amazing birthday !

Before I could mope about the fact that we didn’t go out somewhere for a trek or a safari or just sight seeing for my birthday, I was super thrilled with the way my 43rd year was ushered in. My soul sister Vidya came in the morning from […]


Maths has always been a special subject for me – whatever I added was a little more than what was right and whatever I subtracted sometimes was less and so on … And then I fell in love with a person who calculated most things in his head […]


Idols have a way of cropping up everywhere – in your family, in the society, on a train/plane ride … In families they come mostly as ancestors, people you haven’t met but their stories have been passed down to the succeeding generations. There are some living idols that […]


They say the Mahabharata is not read at homes since it leads to discord… I think it is true. I am reading “Jaya” by Devdutt Pattanaik and it is as fascinating as ever. Most fascinating is ofcourse the status of women in the vedic times and how far […]

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