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Bindu Krishnan

Music shows or ?

I have been meaning to write this blog for nearly a month now … Ever since I saw the A R Rahman show on television. I am not a Rahman fan, I think his music is ok, he certainly has a tail wind and all that he is touching is […]

Chinese New Year

Today we celebrated the Chinese New Year with a lunch and all colleagues went out of the office in a bus. This is the year of the snake. The ritual is for people to be seated around a round table with a large plate full of different coloured vegetables that […]

Adeeti @ 8

The Changi airport looked the same and it felt familiar after 7 years but it also felt small :):) because in the past seven years Delhi has got its own swanky new huge airport ! How perspectives change. Singapore was the first foreign soil that I had stepped on and […]


The day started with breakfast at Veena stores with my step-brother 🙂 now dont ask me how he can be my step brother even though he would like to have my mom as his mom ! we hogged as always and then went shopping for a backpack and a slim […]

Veena stores and Vedavalli

Vedavalli’s birthday was celebrated in style … We went early in the morning to “Veena Stores” that claims to sell the best Idlis in India and nearly bought the house !! So we bought Idlis, pulihora, khara baath, kesari baath, bisibele baath and vada that lasted us the entire day […]

Organization stories

All organizations have a history and the stories that make the history are priceless – especially as new people join the firm. The culture that an organization has, also has to do with its history. Just like the collective memory of humankind is the collective history that we pass on, […]