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Bindu Krishnan

To the crazy ones !

Finally it happened in a foreign land … I watched a Brazilian movie in a classroom. I am sure I will look at the classroom very differently. :):) well this too is part of the learning. It was a real life story of two of Brazil’s greatest country singers – […]

Term 7 begins

It started with lukewarm tea but progressively got better. I ordered for “”Cha” in the room and when the server walked in with a box of teas, I was super impressed. But got no milk with it and then as I poured our the hot water, I realised it was […]

A different birthday

I share my birthday with two well known personalities and one very special person. The well known personalities are Dilip Vengsarkar and Charles Sobhraj and the one very special person is Anu. Anu and I are born on the same day same year and have Vidya as our link, Vidya […]

A year of “Shiksha”

About ten years back, once Krishnan and I climbed out of the financial pothole that we got into due to our entrepreneurial venture, we decided that when Krishnan turned 50, he will step out of the corporate rat race and create the vehicle through which we give back to the […]

Appraisal or settling scores ?

Most organizations would have completed their annual appraisal cycle at this time and so this is the most talked about topic for now. There are two myths that I want to help break in this post – the force fitted bell curve and therefore fairness of the rating. At the […]

Easy Trek made difficult

Yesterday morning, we went on a trek in the Mudumalai forest. Exciting ? Yes and the forest is so beautiful. We had two local boys as guides. On Saturday evening, we had booked the trek with the Club Mahindra events coordinator and since mom was with us and we hadn’t […]

Earth hour at Masinagudi

When you have no TV – you have so much more time !! We went to Club Mahindra’s Masinagudi resort yesterday. Suggestion – Never leave Bangalore to go towards Coorg, Ooty after 6 am – the traffic is just CRAZY. I had decided not to get angry but it’s just […]

A mini-lesson day

The day started with huge disappointment … The last 3 minutes of a 30 minute conversation completely demotivated me. Am big on fairness in all dealings, and someone being unfair put me off completely. For a few minutes I didn’t want to meet anyone, do anything, but things moved on. […]