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Bindu Krishnan

President pained

President Pratibha Patil has decided not to retire in Pune !! The army land will not be used to build her a palatial retirement home. Times Now rightfully believes its because of public pressure … Her OSD has mentioned that President Patil was pained by the media glare. […]

The value of Rs. 10

Earlier this week, Krishnan and I were riding with our fellow cycling friend Anand Sinha and we stopped at a place for the customary tea … This was really early in the morning and the tea shop owner was brushing his teeth and so was his wife. We […]

Baubles for the Goddess

Diamond crown for the Goddess I called my friend Hareesh in the US for his birthday and he told me about this article in The Hindu – a rich business man has donated a diamond studded crown for the Goddess at Tiruchanur. I usually do not follow any […]

The loss of innocence

My nephew is visiting and we were talking yesterday about food and clothes and games he likes… then we went out for a walk and suddenly started to play a game of cutting each other off at corners and got so engrossed !! Now a day later, it […]

Mala meets Malu

The first child sponsored through ShikshaDaan is Mala .. A fun loving child studying in class 2 at OM Foundation. Her father is a vegetable vendor and mom is a housewife. She has a younger brother who is also in class 2 at OM Foundation. My parents, aunts […]

The threshold of “Enough”

Everytime I saw news about “Antilla”, Mukesh Ambani’s gargantuan home of 24 or 26 floors that cost some 350 crores to build, I wondered what if he had used the money to help 10000 students get educated or setup 10 sports stadia with state of the art facilities […]

The Buddha’s return

The one quality that has helped me face any challenge in life has been the ability to shrug my shoulders and say “this too shall pass”… Because I do genuinely believe that time is a great healer/leveller. In the past few weeks, many things broke through my defences […]

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