Save Osho’s Legacy

The attempted sale of Basho, a big part of Osho’s Pune Ashram, to the Bajaj family is clearly yet another effort to undermine Osho’s legacy. First the Indian sannyasins were slowly stopped from visiting the Pune ashram and it has been turned into a resort :(. A group of foreign sannyasins who are a part of Osho International Foundation, registered in Zurich, are holding Osho’s legacy as ransom.

Swami Premgeet, Swami Anadi, Swami Chaitanya Keerti and several other Sannyasins are at the forefront of this movement to save Osho’s legacy. Bhagwan is simply the most important spiritual master in recent times and his discourses and books should be available to every single seeker. Putting a copyright on Osho’s videos and raking in millions that doesn’t get accounted in India is totally unacceptable.

I hope the Government steps in and stops this effort to undermine Bhagwan’s legacy. Do read this news item – Shock For Osho Friends And Disciples In India And Around The World.

Here is a video that spells out the charter of demands from Osho lovers and Sannyasins from across the world –

March 21, 2023 is the 70th anniversary of Osho’s enlightenment. Several Osho Sannyasins are gathering at the Koregaon Park Ashram to celebrate the special day of the Master of Masters.

Here is a short video by Swami Chaitanya Keerti on why this celebration is important on March 21st –

With Osho there is never any protest … its celebration all the way.

Please do repost for greater reach and truly hoping that the Master of Masters’s legacy is safeguarded. It’s an appeal from millions of Osho lovers.

For regular updates regarding the legal case etc click this link – Osho Friends International.


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