Tiny, Well Equipped Parks

Today we woke up a little late and couldn’t go for our morning walk to the Anna Nagar Tower grounds. Instead we decided to just walk around our serviced apartment’s location, randomly taking a turn into some road and seeing where it led us.

In one such turn, either into the road that leads to the 10th main road or to the 11th main road, we found a small compact park and got in. The sky was overcast and a few drops of rain fell, but it wasn’t a downpour. The park was quite clean, with an open gym and an open raised platform where one could practise Yoga or meditate.

Anna Nagar Park
Open gym and play area for children
Anna Nagar Park
Raised platform for doing Yoga or meditation

Each round in this park was about 350 to 400 steps, so not a very big park but the greenery was pleasant and it was much better than walking indoors.

The Sun came out and the dark clouds just vanished. So we thought we could go upto the 2nd avenue by walk and return. As we neared the 4th Avenue road …. the Monday morning traffic made us beat a hasty retreat. We turned back and entered a different road and found another tiny park with a tennis court ! Suddenly Anna Nagar seemed to have several tiny parks :).

Anna Nagar Park
Bamboo trees provide a beautiful canopy
Anna Nagar Park
Two Tennis courts inside the park
Anna Nagar Park
A well maintained open gym

There were two young ladies who were cleaning this park when we entered it. We walked a few rounds and then paid them each a 100/- bucks because they were cheerfully doing their job. They would stop every time a walker came near them and then start cleaning once no one was around.

The only noisy thing at this park was the revolving gate that shrieked every time anyone entered or left :). Hopefully someone greases the wheels soon. The walking pathway was more even in this park than the other one with fewer level changes and turns.

Both parks had the open gym and children play area. There were a lot of trees and several benches for people to sit for some time.

Enjoyed our walk and got back in time for Krishnan and me to start our calls and wait for Murali’s visit.

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