Product Review – Vaya Lunch Box

Every time that I would login to Amazon and look for Bento Boxes the adverts for Vaya Lunch boxes would come up. I kept checking them out but never bought one thinking it was a Chinese product, till March 2022. We were planning to drive down to Hyderabad in April and as we always carry food for our road trips, I ordered a 1.3 Lit Jumbo Vaya Lunch box.

Later I read up about the Vaya Tyffyn Box and realised it was an Indian startup based out of Chennai.

What a fantastic product it is !!!

It keeps food warm, not piping hot after a couple of hours. It keeps cold food at nearly the same temperature as you pack it. The four boxes look deceptively small but they can hold a lot of food. You get three containers of 300 ml each and one container of 400 ml. In all 1300 ml in the Jumbo size.

Vaya on Road Trips

On our earlier road trips, we would carry food in steel boxes and had to also keep plates ready so that we can eat easily inside the car. With the Vaya Lunch box, you can just hand out one box to each person and you just need spoons to eat the food. Its so much more easier !

The lunch box also occupies a tiny space in the car. Since the boxes are all stainless steel, it’s totally safe.

Vaya Lunch Box
Puliyogare in the Vaya Lunch box

On the recent trip to Thanjavur, I packed lots of poha and curd to eat along with our dear friends Sanjay and Seema. Since I made the poha early in the morning, it was warm when we ate our brunch around 11 am.

I use the lunch box extensively and would certainly recommend buying it. They have several sizes, a 600 ml lunch box, 1000 ml lunch box and even a soup jar.

Made in India

You can buy it on Amazon or through their website – It’s an Indian product – designed and developed in our country. Do read this article about the founder of Vaya, Vashist Vasanthakumar – Thinking out of the Lunch Box with Vaya.

Am sure this product will continue to do well. It’s beautifully designed and truly useful every single day.

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