Koozh on the Menu

Koozh in Tamil simply means porridge or gruel. It’s super nutritious, wholesome and very very tasty. There are several kinds of Koozh – it’s made with raw rice, boiled rice, Bajra, Jowar and Ragi. Add sour buttermilk and some pickle and it’s just mouth watering. Or you can make it the previous evening and allow it to naturally ferment.

It’s called farmer’s food or the poor man’s food and has slowly gone off the menu in many Tamilian homes. Farmers would make the Koozh and carry it with them while working on the fields.

Imagine our surprise when we found this humble porridge on a star hotel’s breakfast menu !!!

The humble Koozh

I instantly had a cup full of this delicacy. Amma doesn’t like it much, so she just tasted some. Krishnan had a small bowl of it because his favourite Pongal was on the menu too.

We are staying at the JC Residency in Madurai and their breakfast spread is huge. The food is outstanding and their service is prompt and courteous.

Huge Breakfast Spread at JC Residency

I complimented the Chef and requested the senior server if I could click a picture to post on my blog. They were happy to let me click pics.

Indian food has so much variety and it’s so healthy. We were thrilled with the breakfast today and were so happy to see local food being given prominence.

For a simple Koozh recipe do read – Aadi koozh, easy ragi koozh.

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