Hotel Deepali, Sagar

Every time we drive down to the South, our first halt is at Hotel Deepali, at Sagar, MP. The hotel is located off the NH44 highway, and very easy to access. From Gurgaon, its about 680 kms. Till the last visit in April, we didn’t realise how good their food is !!! Especially the fresh curds.

We stayed here on Nov 10th and 11th. We are regulars here so a lot of people are known to us, starting from Amit at the front office to Hemant in the restaurant. It was like coming to a friend’s place.

There is a petrol pump right alongside the hotel and we first refuelled before checking in. There are actually two hotel Deepali’s – the old one called Hotel Deepali and the other just across the road called Deepali Palace. We usually stay at the old hotel but their rooms were being renovated this time so we got a room in Deepali Palace, the newer hotel. The only challenge at the “Palace” is that its a marriage venue and on 11th night, there were loud celebrations till 2 am :(.

Here are a few glimpses of the hotel –

Hotel Deepali
The old Hotel Deepali
Deepali Palace
The new Deepali Palace
Deepali Palace
The red moon … Deepali Palace

Around Hotel Deepali

We always go for a walk inside the hotel premises and sometimes for a morning walk till the national highway. We found tomatoes growing this time. These farms are visible from the new Deepali Palace rooms.

The owner of the hotel has hired an amazing landscaping artist because the gardens inside both the hotels are beautifully maintained. There are walls of evergreen creepers, lots of flowering plants like Bougainvillea and hibiscus in lots of colours and also some fruit trees. You can hear the birds chirping early in the morning and the air is clean, a huge relief from the gas chamber that Delhi NCR has become.

Hotel Deepali
Tomato farm
Hotel Deepali
Tomatoes growing on the fields around the hotel
Hotel Deepali
A bull claiming his half of the road …. right in the middle 🙂
Hotel Deepali
A weaver bird’s nest – just outside our room

The bird nest is so intricately made and hangs from two spiny leaves … and buildings made of brick and mortar aren’t as strong !!

Food @ Deepali

Whether you are passing through and staying overnight or staying here for a couple of days, don’t miss eating breakfast at the hotel. You can eat just the curds set everyday in claypot.

Hotel Deepali
Curds ! set overnight in a claypot.
Hotel Deepali
A simple nutritious Indian breakfast !

We all love the Poha here and it’s anyway a staple breakfast item in Madhya Pradesh. Sometimes you will get Chole Bhature or Poori Subzi or Idli Sambar. All of them are tasty and well made. The Maharaj (Chef) has been with Deepali for a long time and this time he had made a coriander chutney that was simply outstanding. I guess the three of us polished off half a bowl of that coriander chutney.

You have to call the hotel for bookings. They are listed on the travel websites but its easier to book a room by calling them directly. Call 07582-263910 or 07582-263911.

Do stay at Hotel Deepali whenever you find yourself in Sagar. It’s great service and even better food.

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