Liar Liar, Pants On Fire 🤬

The Liar aka The Wire has been in the news for all the right reasons …. the fake news factory is finally in the limelight and hopefully blinks out of existence soon. I received the following summary of the Meta-Wire saga a couple of weeks back over WhatsApp and then Mr. Mohan Sinha wrote a brilliant thread about The Liar today. Sharing both for the pleasure of my blog readers and for me to feel good :).

This is exactly how I felt when Chidu was taken to Tihar jail like a common criminal in a police van… I have that pic with me in a separate folder as an instant “pick-me-up”.

Reposted as received over WhatsApp –

*The Wire Saga in summary*

1. Wire put out a screenshot of a Facebook internal app that shows a BJP spokesperson with unlimited rights to get posts deleted without review.

2. Facebook responded saying the screenshot is bogus and no such app is in use within Facebook; and such rights dont exist

3. Wire responded showing a screenshot of Facebook Communications head’s email to his internal team asking how the hell did this screenshot leak? and that the Wire editor should be in the monitoring list of Facebook.

4. The Facebook communications head responded stating that the screenshot is bogus and he has never sent such an email.

5. Wire put out a video showing that the app does exist in facebook and showed a demo. All of this was supposed to be a FB insider leaking info

6. Wire also put out another video to substantiate another refutal of Facebook. This video was verified and cerrtified by two experts, one of them with microsoft. He was also named in the wire report.

7. Lots of tech people in social media started punching holes. The Wire email shows the year as 2021 instead of 2022. There are some other technical inconsistencies.

8.Facebook responded saying the Wire video is impersonation through a dummy app and they have tracked it.

9. Both independent experts who supposedly verified the video have retracted. One of them has put out a tweet saying he never did the verification for Wire.

10. It now appears that the original screenshot, the video, the certifications and every other evidence of WIRE was fabricated.

11. The story has a double cross in Facebook, a dumb journo in Wire, a half baked tech expert in Wire and a rabid editor baying for BJP blood. The first name is now known and it would be interesting to know. Wire also admitted that their source in FB was sleeping with their journo!

Adharma destroys adharma

Wire has now said they are retracting all posts and doing an internal review.

Brilliant Thread by Mr. Mohan Sinha on The Liar

To read the twitter thread click here.

1. I was appalled when BJP went after Tehelka because Tehelka did nothing wrong. BJP just got mad because the magazine showed some of their leaders and armymen to be crooked. What happened to Tehelka was sheer vindictiveness. But this time, I really hope the BJP, through Malviya,

2. goes after The Wire. They need to be shut down because their reporting is nothing but scurrilous and defamatory. The promoters need to be arrested and punished. We were always taught to be anti-establishment. Otherwise, we might as well do PR. But under the cloak of journalism

3. The Wire and others like them have conducted their agenda of hate against Modi and the BJP. That’s not journalism, it’s activism of the most vicious kind. They’ve got away for nearly 8 years or so because the BJP did not react legally. It’s ok to dislike Modi, his ideology and

4. what his party stands for. But to conduct a sustained hate campaign against them with cooked up stories goes way beyond anything that is taught either in journalism schools or newsrooms. And it’s not just The Wire that did this and still does. And it’s done because the govt

5. hasn’t pursued it legally. They also know that only a watertight case will hold up in court because we have a judiciary that still believes in encouraging a free press. Also, punishment for the crime is an expulsion from one job and another elsewhere. The media firmament is

6. littered with such examples of journalists who moved to the next job and continued merging fact with large dollops of fiction. In The Wire’s case, it conducted a systematic campaign of lies. The highest courts in the land have said so in as many words that the campaign against

7. Modi was nothing but fiction. It’s not Varadarajan alone but others who were allowed by him to use his platform to conduct their campaign against the BJP and Modi, who need to be behind bars. Not in all my years of journalism and academics have I seen anything like what The

8. Wire and others orchestrated against Modi.  
Tehelka only created a fake company to sting real people and showed a mirror to the politicians and the armymen of the day. The Wire, its reporters and writers with the help of the left liberal ecosystem around the world

9. created spiteful fiction day after day so convincingly that a lot of us actually believed it to be facts.

Finally The Liar has retracted all its posts and has been apologising to everyone they can find. Last heard one of the satellites ISRO sent up a few days back was paid for by Mr. Varadarajan and we shall soon see a banner across the sky with The Wire’s apology 🙄. Don’t believe me ? Wait for it to happen :):). This is exactly the kind of “news” that The Wire was peddling – pure unadulterated fiction.

I really have nothing to say to Mr. Varadarajan except a fervent request to change his name. Having a name like Varadarajan and spewing venom on India and Hindus is just unacceptable. It’s also my brilliant Mama’s name and my maternal great grandfather’s name. So every time I feel like saying terrible things to The Chief Liar, I tone it down :(.

Do read my earlier blogpost from 2018 – The Wire should Retire !!.

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that The Liar finally retires under the glare of public scrutiny. 🤬.

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