Hungry Propagandists

In May this year India sent a humanitarian aid package to Sri Lanka, our neighbour. Sri Lanka is battling bankruptcy and as a concerned neighbour who didnt want anyone to go hungry we sent over over Rice, milk powder, medicines etc. The aid continues. We also have given them economic support even as China has crippled them with massive loans.

Earlier in the year, Afghanistan got wheat from India besides other aid.

All through the pandemic, India provided food aid (wheat, rice, lentils) to several countries around the world including Afghanistan, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Lebanon, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Zambia, Zimbabwe and others.

Not to forget, we delivered the world’s largest ever food support system to cover 80 crore vulnerable people through our Public Distribution System and ensured no one went hungry for two full years. And the program is extended till Dec 2022.

Hungry India ?

For a so called “poor” and developing country, ensuring her 1.4 billion people didn’t go hungry during the pandemic is not a small achievement. All thanks to the amazing leadership of PM Modi. I shudder to think of any other person as our PM during this crisis …. remember the Kedarnath cloud burst and the relief supplies waiting for days, just to have Pappu take a picture with them 🤬🤬.

Global Hunger Index

I am loving the meltdown across the world as India surges ahead with strong fundamentals, both economically and politically. The resurgence of Hinduism is also worrying a lot of countries that use religion to keep controlling the world. Its evident in the articles that rags like NYT and WaPo publish. Also the deep fault lines in developed countries like the US, UK, Germany etc have been exposed during the pandemic. India has handled the crisis with maturity and compassion.

Note – am not belittling the suffering that the ordinary citizen faced. We are one humanity, and what affects one part of the world affects all of us.

With this backdrop, it was fascinating to see India ranked at 107 on the Global Hunger Index and below Pakistan (99), Sri Lanka(64), Bangladesh (84), and Nepal (81) !!! It seems to be the work of hungry propagandists and nothing to do with really hungry people.

Its when such reports are put out that we feel there are concerted efforts by world agencies to downplay India and her achievements…..

Hungry India ?

Does India still have people who are hungry ? The answer is yes, but it definitely is not such an alarming situation as the GHI makes it out to be.


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  1. I’m glad to find you are proud of India’s accomplishments in areas that matter. It’s also good to know that Hinduism is getting the respect it deserves, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that it is so different from other major religions. You have helped me understand, in some ways, how Hinduism stands apart.

    Thank you, India, for your ongoing contributions to the world.

  2. This is not the fist time an international agency has demonstrated its bias against India. The UNHRC has done it before many times and India’s best ever Minister of External Affairs Shri Jaishankar had boldly called that out in a global forum, winning the respect of a diverse audience. We are so colonized and used to external validation that we have stopped using our brains to even apply common sense. How can a nation that has fed her billions and neighbours rank lower than the countries that she fed ????? And you are absolutely right. The NYT and WaPo are rags. The CNN is no less. It was so disappointing to see sharp and unfair criticism by an Indian-origin journalist on Shri Modi’s commitment to feed the world as India stepped up operations to export wheat to the lower income countries, but had to stagger the program due to very valid reasons. She wrote that “India’s lofty ambitions fell flat”. Without any inquiry as to what the reason and context were. Shri Jaishankar explained it with clarity at the Bratislava forum – Our wheat exports had to be halted temporarily as speculators from higher income countries were gaming the prices to prevent stock from reaching the truly deserving low income markets. As a result India had to halt, put in a process to review each request for worthiness and then resume exports. The writer did not bother to check facts at all. And CNN allowed this to happen. Just like they gave an open forum to Arundhati Roy to criticize the current Indian govt. openly and freely. She who hobnobbed with the terrorist Yasin Malik for years !!! The man who was responsible for the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits and financed the killing of Indian military officers and countless other crimes. The bias is staggering !!! And the fact that it is being peddled by woke writers of Indian origin is simply appalling !


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