India’s 75th Independence Day – Swadeshi fragrance

117 years back, on Aug 7, 1905 the Swadeshi movement was launched as a part of the Indian freedom struggle. It was in protest to the decision of the colonial powers to divide Bengal. The Swadeshi movement was to boycott all things foreign and use things “made in India”. Our traditional industries, particularly the handloom weaving industry had been totally damaged by the colonial powers. This was done so that the low quality stuff that their textile mills in Manchester produced could sell.

They obviously couldn’t compete with the fine handwoven Muslin, silk and cotton cloth that weavers in India produced…. they still can’t compete and probably never will try again.

But it took us 75 years after independence to use an indigenous howitzer for the ceremonial 21-gun salute at the Independence Day ceremony at Red Fort. Thank You Modi Ji. Don't think many people even understood the significance of this change. 
Swadeshi 75th Independence Day
Pic taken from HT website

PM Modi’s inspiring speech – in Hindi, our Swadeshi language

As always, our beloved Prime Minister was dressed impeccably and spoke eloquently. The speech was inspiring and we know its not empty promises because he always delivers !!! The last eight years are proof of his outstanding leadership. He will remain India’s greatest Prime Minister for a long long time. Just deeply grateful that we are able to vote for him and witness our motherland transforming firsthand.

For those who missed his speech here it is –

If you would like to read the entire transcript in Hindi – PM Modi’s speech on Aug 15, 2022, 75th Independence Day.

If you can’t read Hindi, the English transcript is here – Full Text of PM Modi’s Independence Day speech.

Highlights of Modiji’s speech

For me the key highlights from Modiji’s speech are –

  1. Get rid of the colonial hangover – No one could have said this better !! Its indeed high time that we got rid of our colonial hangover and the slave mindset. We still think that the west is superior when its obvious that India has much to offer despite being totally pillaged for 800 years.
  2. Taking pride in our heritage – Hmmm …. with our minority appeasement policies, vote bank politics and the commies having a free run to distort our history for the past 7 decades, this is a tall ask. We have some genuine historians, unaffected by the colonial hangover and not paid by China/other inimical forces and a vast repository of knowledge and history. It will be painstaking work to re-do our history textbooks. Till then we can take pride for what’s known and start with Hindu traditions and festivals being celebrated without fear.
  3. Respect for women – Modiji is the first PM to urge parents that they must ask their sons where they have been and what they have been upto. This was in his very first Independence Day speech in 2014. This time he spoke of how our public discourse is so disrespectful of women…. He is spot on. Now lets see how this is taken forward by grown men and parents who bring up boys.
  4. Corruption and Nepotism – If the CONgress’ first family had any self respect, they should have been squirming in their seats. But they neither have self respect nor is the CONgress bothered about corruption and nepotism. The CONgress has institutionalised corruption and everyone just followed their footsteps !! Nehru Ji ruled for 17 years, his daughter Indira Gandhi ruled for 11 years and then 4 years, his grandson Rajiv Gandhi ruled for 5 years …. then his grand daughter-in-law Sonia Gandhi ran the PMO without being the PM for 10 years. So in all, the Nehru parivar was at the helm of affairs for 47 years out of the 67 years before our beloved PM Modi took oath in 2014. We also have the Mulayam Singh Yadav family, Lalu Yadav family, Karunanidhi family, Sharad Pawar family, several other family concerns in different states :(:(. Nepotism is a talent killer. Again a tall ask to get rid of it.
  5. Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan and Modiji’s Jai Anusandhaan ❤️ – Sometimes, I just wish I can spend a day with Modiji to see when he comes up with these inspiring relevant terms for his MEGA ideas. English translation is simple, our second PM Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji gave the slogan of Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan (Hail the soldier, Hail the Farmer). Then PM Vajpayee Ji added Jai Vigyan (Hail Science) and now PM Modi has added the apt “Jai Anusandhaan” (Hail innovation). This is the most exciting thing – India is on its way to becoming the startup capital of the world. Yeah, we may have several challenges, but the buzz in the air is palpable. Jai Anusandhaan indeed. Love the Swadeshi word :):):).

Har Ghar Tiranga

Our national flag, the Tiranga is fluttering everywhere !! The Har Ghar Tiranga campaign is just what we needed to celebrate this momentous occasion.

The Tiranga fluttering on our balcony came from Khadi Gramudyog, a totally Swadeshi flag sent to us by Gopinath.

Have always wanted the Tiranga at home … now we can !

Some pictures from yesterday –

Swadeshi Independence Day
Swadeshi Red Fort
Stunning decorations at Red Fort !!

Swadeshi Red Fort
Swadeshi Red Fort
PM Modi amongst young people who made up India’s map 🙂

A glimpse of the price India paid for its independence is in this one tweet by Anand Ranganathan –

Swadeshi Independence Day

I pray that Krishnan and I get to witness the 100th Independence Day celebration along with Modiji. That would be the best day of our lives because we would be in the presence of the man who transformed India back to her glorious self.

Jai Hind. Jai Hind Ki Sena. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

3 thoughts on “India’s 75th Independence Day – Swadeshi fragrance”

  1. Leaders may speak whatever. If people not vouch of it, there is no value for it.

    I hope so many people would vouch Shri Narendra Modi like you mam.

    Thank you for this voucher note mam

  2. What a nice tribute to PM Modi and his commitment to revival of Indian culture and self-respect.

    As I only know India through reading, I wonder how Mahatma Gandhi fits into this picture. The biography I read claimed he was a strong advocate for India’s freedom from British rule, and that he was an enthusiast of spinning, a traditional Indian occupation.


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