Basmati Rice Biryani and the Middle East Oil

There has been a lot of noise around what Nupur Sharma quoted from the hadith about Prophet Mohammed. I haven’t added to the noise either for or against, because all these riots are a part of the global toolkit to break India. Every darned opportunity will be used, whether someone speaks the truth or falsehoods.

I truly believe in the “fact” that our return tickets have been stamped with a date, time and place and Yama Dharmaraja does not change that ever. So neither can those baying for Nupur Sharma’s head get it ahead of schedule nor does their heinous deed/thought escape the Karma register. Everything will be accounted for.

That said, deep respect for Nupur, she withstood and continues to withstand the bullying. All our prayers for her and her family’s safety. Mahadev will take care ! And all those whining about the Modi Govt not taking drastic action, please remember, Mr. Modi cannot “jump” to conclusions. Govt. needs to verify every single thing before taking action.

Remember how everyone was upset with the way the Shaheen Bagh protestors were handled. Well, do you hear either Sharjeel Imam or Umar Khalid squeak ?? Who took action ? Not you, not me, but the same Modi govt. So chill, मोदी है तो मुमकिन है |

Now Mr. Owaisi had to score some political brownie points with his ilk, so he jumped into the Middle East oil wells….An interesting thread on Twitter demolished his arguments and clarified how the Arab world is dependent on India and not vice versa. Actually just think about it – a desert will be dependent on fertile lands always, not the other way around. But jokers in India think otherwise.

Reposting the fabulous thread by Norbert Elekes here. You can also read it at – Norbert Elekes on Middle East Oil Supplies and Basmati Rice.

Asaduddin Owaisi who think India can not survive without Middle East as they send 90% oil to India. They think Middle east is arm twisting India. NO!!! Situation is opposite. I will tell you why you should be proud of being an Indian first and religion second. 1/13

Middle east!!!

Qatar- Nearly 6000 Indian companies are operating in Qatar and helping Qatar in IT, Infrastructure, Energy, etc. 7 lakh Indians live in Qatar out of total population of 27 lakhs. Indians contribute to Qatar’s economy massively. 2/13 

Indian company is building the infrastructure for FIFA world cup. Qatar imports 1 lakh metric ton wheat and 1.2 lakh metric ton of basmati rice from India, which is nearly 50% of their consumption. Other than that 25000 metric ton vegetables. 3/13 

Kuwait- 10 Lakh Indians out of total population of 47 lakhs. 5.5 lakh Indians working as CA, Engineer, Doctor, Nurses, etc. 28000 Indians working in Kuwait government and contributing to Finance, Medical, Software and space research. 4/13 

They import 1.5 lakh metric ton of basmati rice and 17000 metric ton of vegetables from India. Wheat, Meat, dairy products extra. 5/13 

Saudi Arabia- 745 Indian companies operate from Saudi. 22 lakh Indians who are helping Saudi to remain tech advance. They import 6.7 lakh metric ton of basmati rice which is 50% of total consumption and 16000 metric ton of vegetables. Fruits, meat, dairy products are extra. 6/13 

UAE- 34 Lakh Indians work in UAE and contributing massively to their economy. 85 Billion dollar investment by Indian companies. Textile, cement. engineering products, software, service and what not. Imports 4.7 lakh metric ton wheat , nearly 30% of their total consumption. 7/13 

2.5 lakh metric ton of basmati rice which is 40% of their total consumption. 82000 metric ton of vegetables. 91000 metric ton of fruits. Meat, dairy product extra. 8/13 

Case is similar for all the other Arab world. Iran takes 10 lakh ton Basmati rice from India which is 40% of their total consumption. 1.7lakh metric tons of fruits.

Now tell me who can not survive without whom? If not Gulf, our products will find buyers anywhere else.  9/13 

But what will you eat? OIL? India can import oil from Russia. 88 Million barrel of oil we have already imported from Russia and possibly Russia will fulfill 30% of India’s total oil requirement by the end of this year. But how will Middle east survive without us? 10/13 

If they were to, they would have found alternative long back. Petrol we will find from Mexico and Russia but how will Middle east produce Indian brain? Oil doesnt produce brain. Money doesnt produce skilled labour. 11/13 

Half of Arab world would be looking for basmati rice which only India produce. How will they cook Biryani?

So think again before you comment as illogical as “Arab World is Arm Twisting India”. 12/13 

I take pride in what India is doing for Arab world. So think again before you comment. We did not listen to America and Europe then who are you?

Credit : Siddhart Dey, Linkedin. 13/13 

All this talk of Biryani reminded me of a thread posted by True Indology that Biryani was in fact an Indian dish, not brought to India by the Mughals. Posting the Pdf here as True Indology has been removed from Twitter for speaking the TRUTH. 🙄

And I will make Biryani tomorrow with desi Organic Basmati Rice to celebrate !!

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  1. The world had woken up to Shri Jaishankar and India’s firm stance on all geopolitical matters. Sadly Mr Owaisi hasn’t. That’s all.


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