The First Tiffin Box

I have been away from the blogosphere for nearly two weeks as we returned from Hyderabad and took turns to fall sick !! The heat in Delhi NCR is truly unbearable. All of us are fine now, but we lost a week in getting readjusted. Then the boxes arrived and for the next week our home looked like a transporter’s loading dock 😝. We have cleared many of the boxes but there is more work to do.

While opening one of the boxes, I found the very first tiffin box that I had ever taken to school.

Tiffin Box

Don’t miss the “Bobby” sticker. This movie was such a rage. The funny thing is I haven’t watched it fully ever. Maybe I should watch it over one of the OTT platforms now. This tiffin box had an inner smaller partition to keep some pickles etc and the bottom was ofcourse for the main course.

A special story connected with this tiffin box is that Amma would pack idlis or dosas for me and I would exchange it every day with Nathu. Nathu was the person who would drop and pick me up from school on a cycle in Dehu Road. Nathu would bring delicious Bhakri and I would polish that off… My love for Bhakris started from age 5 😃.

This plastic tiffin box is a grim reminder of why we shouldn’t use plastic at all … it has survived for 45 years and will go on being there forever ! Have finally discarded it, but it will end up in some garbage mountain :(.

I also found the only reading lamp that I ever had ….

Tiffin box reading lamp
The Bajaj Reading Lamp

Appa was a huge fan of “Bajaj”. We had a Bajaj scooter always and the first mixie that he purchased was a Bajaj mixie. Am sure there are millions of Indians who have had Bajaj scooters !! Unfortunately most of the Bajaj appliances now are made in China. Hopefully they go back to making in India.

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