Jehangir – a Nation Builder 🙄

Our history books have taught us that the Mughals were the greatest emperors of India …. it just proves what Lenin said “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”. The Mughal empire is a tiny speck in the long history of Bharat and just because it was convenient for the leftists and the Brits to showcase them in a positive light, the lie has been perpetuated.

Some jokers on social media commented in awe that Jehangir was a great nation builder. Well, we don’t know what he built but there are pages after pages written by historians and eye witnesses about all that he destroyed. His life was one of debauchery and wanton killing …. both terrible obsessions.

Savitri Mumukshu Ji had written a fantastic thread last year in Oct about Jehangir and his so called nation building activities. Reposting it here – Jehangir, the nation builder.

Oct. 12, 2021,

1 From 1609-1616, the British sent ambassadors William Hawkins & Sir Thomas Roe to the court of Jehangir to get access to trade routes & permissions. Their description of Jehangir’s daily life reveals a lot about how responsibly the Mughals took the role of “nation builders”


2 Jehangir’s day started with Islamic prayers, followed by a couple of hours attending public court, then 2 hours sleep, food & harem time. From 12 – 3 in afternoon, he would revel in watching games where gladiators & animals fought against each other to satisfy his bloodlust.


3 During his afternoon diversions, the bloodthirsty Jehangir would sometimes kill men with his own hands. If gladiators did not entertain to his satisfaction, the Mughal king had “fun” punishments like watching gladiators’ bellies ripped open by bears or stomped by elephants.


4 After the afternoon “entertainment”, there would be more Muslim prayers & another meal followed after which Jehangir went to “a private room” The private room was just a euphemism for the drink & drug room for only special select invitees.


5 There, Jehangir would drink at least five cups of strong alcohol. This was after doctors had restricted his usual 20 cups of double-distilled alcohol, mixed with opium everyday, because he had started suffering from seizures & liver disease.


6 After drinking, he would take opium and slept for a bit. After two hours, the completely stoned emperor would have food thrust in his mouth by servants, because he was so high that he could not move the limbs of his own body.


7 His harem wives like Noor Jahan would mix drinks with opium for Jehangir & concubines would care for him through the night to enjoy the honor of his presence. Then he would sleep it off – till the next day of great nation building.

Jehangir Noor Jahan

8 When Roe tried to talk business to Jehangir, the great Mogul was far more interested in how much alcohol Roe drank & deep philosophical questions about what was beer, how was it made & whether Roe could make it for Jehangir.


9. The fantastic administrative capabilities of Mughal emperors is obvious from the way they spent their day and night. In contrast, Hindu Mauryan kings woke up at 1.30 am & after a full day of administrative duties & self-improvement activities slept at 9:00 PM


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by Edward Farley Oaten Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri, 1: 308 Arthashastra

Bollywood and leftist history has glorified Jehangir, fictitious Anarkali and Noor Jahan to such an extent that every child assumes Jehangir aka Salim was truly a great emperor !!!

Remember the “magnum opus” Mughal-e-Azam ?? Anarkali being buried alive in a wall and a love lorn Salim (Jehangir) becoming a rebel … and all our hearts melted. When that black&white movie was reprocessed into Eastman colour another generation of Indian women swooned. We flocked to the “ittar” stores and started using the perfume just the way Madhu Bala did in the movie, hoping some prince named Salim will sweep us off our feet.

Several Salims continue to sweep Madhu Bala’s off their feet and they find themselves in harems just like the Mughal era ones …. in Syria or Dubai or some other ISIS hotspot. Mughal-e-Azam is alive and is just renamed to “Love Jehad”. The harems continue and instead of one emperor raping several women, its now several men raping several women.

Carry on girls… apply Kohl not Kajal, ittar not Haldi, remove the bindi as “regressive” and live happily ever after as a “slave”. Its your prarabdha Karma. 🙏🏿

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