Cholesterol – Friend or Foe

This mind blowing article was posted by Hemanth Kulkarni on the Living Without Medicine Whatsapp group. Its important to understand whether Cholesterol is a friend or a foe.

You have been lied to about cholesterol. Let us see why.

For 60 years “the science” led you astray by naming cholesterol and saturated fat for the increase in heart disease.

Here is the issue:

Cholesterol is a life-giving molecule (the most important one).

So why do you think a molecule you need to live is in fact killing you?

By the end of this post you will be able to answer:

  • What is cholesterol?
  • Why you need it to survive?
  • Where the lipid hypothesis went wrong?
  • How can you fix insulin resistance?

AND, why “Big Pharma” does not want you to know the truth?

Let’s dig in👇

🔥 1/ Cholesterol is a life-giving molecule.

The waxy white-yellow fat has many responsibilities in the body and to many people’s surprise most of the cholesterol used in the body is self-generated ~80% and the rest is ingested via diet ~20%.

The body makes it for SURVIVAL.

🔥 2/ The vast roles of cholesterol are:

  • Serving as an antioxidant
  • Supporting membrane function
  • Allowing intake of Vitamin A, D, E, K
  • Acting as a raw material for steroid hormones

It plays a huge role in immune health and overall vitality.

Cholesterol (fat) in the body is interesting…

It is not water-soluble so it does not transport through the body without help from Lipoproteins. Lipoproteins carry cholesterol and other fats to their homes in the body in a function called the Lipid Metabolism.The Lipid Metabolism is your body utilizing fat to perform the roles mentioned above.

Lipoprotein = a Bus to move fats like Cholesterol

Cholesterol (other fats) = Passengers with jobs to do at different stops within the body

This bus is constantly moving in your body!

Lipoproteins – the bus – appears in four sizes (based on density):

High-Density (HDL)
Low-Density (LDL)
Very-Low (VLDL)
Intermediate (IDL)

Some of these buses are meant to pick-up passengers and others are meant to drop them off.

🔥 3/ Modern science tells us cholesterol is mostly carried by HDL and LDL

HDL is considered “good” cholesterol and it leaves the liver as an empty “bus” looking to pick up extra cholesterol in the blood. We call this process reverse cholesterol transport.

LDL on the other hand has been mislabeled the “bad guy” but it is an important transporter of energy and nutrients in the bloodstream to the cell. LDL carries the cholesterol to the cells to report for duty.

The misconception around LDL is nuanced…Atherosclerosis and heart disease are caused by plaque build-up and within that plaque doctors find LDL particles.

“Oh no so LDL is the problem!” …. Not quite…

💡 LDL alone can not cause heart disease. Insulin resistance makes the walls of the artery stickier which in turn ends up trapping these LDL molecules sent to help repair cells in the body. When we think of it this way we see LDL is more of a victim to insulin resistance.

👉 LDL is really the fireman coming to the rescue… but we end up blaming him for the fire cause he was at the scene of the fire…???

🔥 4/ The conventional “science” around “good” and “bad” cholesterol truly oversimplifies the story without talking about the issue. I use the example of LDL being a fire truck without even discussing what is causing the fire.That is what we call “modern science”.

🔥 5/ The confusing part is we have been told to find ways to reduce cholesterol when it very clearly plays critical roles in our body. If we did not have LDL we would not be able to procreate…


In fact, low levels of cholesterol have been linked to all sorts of terrible things for you:

– Alzeimers
– Depression
– Memory Loss
– Type II Diabetes

A recent NIH study showed elderly people with high cholesterol had better memories compared to ones with lower levels – crazy! 

So what gives?

Two studies and a presidents heart attack distorted our perception around fat and cholesterol under the name The Lipid Hypothesis…emphasis on “hypothesis”

For the full story check out the link to

Here is my summary


The Lipid Hypothesis was formed after Eisenhower – a lifelong smoker – suffered a heart attack in Office. 

Ancel Keys formed the idea that saturated fat was to blame through his Seven Countries Study.

The fear of heart disease had the country in panic and Keys had “results”. 

Keys traveled to 22 different countries and chose **cherry-picked** 7 to support his claim that fat was bad for your heart.

The science stuck and he convinced the US to create their dietary guidelines off this “data” in the 80s…

Since then we are more unhealthy than ever.

Do listen to the famous Dr. B M Hegde on why Cholesterol is not your enemy.

Besides the video and the article – please do read Stop Those Statins.

Allopathy has unfortunately become all about popping pills and the Statins are the newest money spinners. So expect more and more of them to be prescribed in India as we tend to ape the West. There needs to be more understanding of this issue before we take medicines that affect us adversely.

Disclaimer – Am no expert nor am I a medical practitioner. Am sharing information in the public domain with the intention of bringing more awareness. Please speak to your doctor before stopping or starting any medicine.

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