The Kashmir Files – Gut Wrenching 😔

We watched The Kashmir Files on March 14th, three days after it was released in the theatres. The look in Pushkar Nath Pandit’s eyes in his last moments refuses to leave our conscience … the whirring of the saw in the last scene is beyond disturbing. A mother being sawed alive in front of her young son just for being a Hindu !

Raliv Galiv Ya Chaliv

A chant that reverberated in the valley of Kashmir in 1990 … Convert, Leave or Die, Raliv, Galiv Ya Chaliv. The Islamic terrorists wanted Hindus to either convert to Islam, leave Kashmir or just die. They also wanted just the Hindu men to leave, not the women. Women were needed to marry and have children for the Islamic nation they hoped to establish on Sage Kashyap’s land.

Remember the year – 1990. Just ten years before the Millennium came around.

This chant led to one of the largest exodus in recent history of nearly 500,000 Kashmiri Hindus. Some morons on Twitter have said nothing of the kind happened and this is a propaganda movie. Well, the following tweet says it all –

Kashmir Files - Propaganda

32 Years …. a deafening silence

The Kashmiri Hindus who were forced to leave the valley and become refugees and migrants within their own country had almost no one speaking up for them ! The CONgress ecosystem was in power and Hindus never mattered to them. Appeasement was all that mattered…

The following picture speaks volumes and chills your blood…. Then Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh with Yasin Malik, the cold blooded murderer of 24 Kashmiri Hindus. How could he shake hands with this vile dangerous inhuman man ??

The Kashmir Files

Even the Supreme Court hasn’t had any time to hear the Kashmiri Hindus’ case. No SIT was constituted. Terrorists manage to get judges to listen to their pleas till a few hours before being hanged but the silence with respect to the Kashmiri Hindus’ plight was and is deafening.

Why ? Don’t Hindu lives matter ? It seems they don’t !! 🤬

Am reposting two twitter threads here that aptly sum up our feelings. I can write the words, but it will take long because I will keep crying like we did throughout the movie. We cry every time we see a Kashmiri Hindu narrates their plight, its truly gut wrenching that something so horrendous happened so recently. The movie halls don’t empty out after a show because there is someone in the audience who has gone through the experience and everyone wants to hear them out.

@Zeba Zoariah’s Thoughts

Long 🧵 on #TheKashmirFiles.Pls bear with me n it’s not to hurt anybody’s sentiments. But it’s imp sometimes to have an objective reflection of events and instances in life. Goebbels said:“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, n eventually they will believe it”. 1/20

Kashmir files

I think Goebbels will be extremely happy with the lies carried out by the left ecosystem for over 3 decades on the plight of KP community n their exodus n genocide. I took the entire weekend to contemplate over – ‘The Kashmir Files’. Here is my take on it. 2/20

Spoiler: Liberals and left brigade will need burnol supply! Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to @vivekagnihotri ji for his yet another brave attempt in showcasing the truth before our countryman. 3/20

Writing realistic characters depicting tragedy is not easy, it’s difficult to explain so much pain within a time limit. A narrative that allowed every character to feel important. Why? Cuz its grief that connected us in powerful ways. 4/20

It was powerful because truth can profoundly impact our hearts and minds. Only if we care not to ignore it. There was not even a single moment where I didn’t cry my heart out. Even though I had prior knowledge about displaced Kashmiri Hindus but 5/20 nothing could have prepared me for what I saw and witnessed in the theatre. The propaganda of the liberal ecosystem in India has been so profound that the gravity of the situation could never really be fathomed by the misinformation that was peddled for so long with impunity.6/20

The story hits u hard to question the role played by the ecosystem in suppressing the truth and how they got away with it for such a long time. I wish I knew the perfect word to summarise but there aren’t any. 7/20

The entire movie and the entire cast did such cinematically brilliant performances. There was one point where I lost track of what they were saying on the screen and sobbed and felt the fear and pain along with the characters when @AnupamPKher ji was shivering with fear and helplessness. They used Kashmir’s cold to show fear of losing its own community including his own family being brainwashed. The story touches so many important areas: separatist sympathizers, religious extremism, 9/20

glorification of terrorists under the garb of revolutionary freedom fighters, complete failure of state apparatus in protecting human rights, brainwashing n narrative reinforcement to bury the truth n create terror apologist from the same prosecuted community in an attempt to make untruth the truth. The same left ideology and it’s flag bearers who claim to be the champions of free speech, stand by human rights, support and advocate democracy are once at the forefront of hypocrisy! Ofc they are against this storyline. 11/20

They are vocal about everything and decries the intolerance of the right but will never speak up at the issues that need to be amplified. If anyone dares to speak and shows even the slightest difference with them, they are ready to counter with their lies and propaganda. 12/20

Their army is always ready to flag inauthenticity without any basis. They are ready to write articles for the western media platform and to stand by and support everything around the globe. But are so intolerant that if one fellow Muslim tries to speak out and go against their ecosystem is quick enough to censor or bully them. They have glued their mouth when it comes to issues of their own nation.

They question being called out to condemn every act of Islamic extremism by arguing why our community be held for actions of individual members but they will never take a stand with their fellow Muslims to call out atrocities in their own homeland which is their heaven and motherland which they do not even realize. 15/20

Enough said about achieving Jannat, first you should start by understanding India is already a Jannat thanks to our Hindu brethren. Looking at the issues faced by the Islamic community outside India, there is a constant sense of unrest and violence. 16/20

Our community should be thankful that we live in this country where we are protected. Not only by the constitution but by a peaceful majority. Therefore in my conclusion, I would just want to state that there is a need to revisit history from a totally new understanding and an objective manner and such movies provides us an opportunity to reconcile and understand the mistakes of the past and ensure they do not repeat.

This can only be done however with reform in law enforcement and a judiciary especially at a time when the narrative of sub-nationalism is being already propagated by the darbari lobby and ecosystem. Please watch the movie and speak out against the violence and injustice irrespective of the community to which the victim belongs. 19/20

Here is another Twitter Thread by @moronhumor that captures the essence of the movie and why its a must watch for every Indian.

The Kashmir Files reviewed by Yo Yo Funny Singh – am posting excerpts here without some of the pictures. Please check the link for the entire thread.

“…… @DarshanKumaar – “Us”. His portrayal of Krishna Pandit is that of us. Us who were unaware of truths & facts of the KP genocide for 32 yrs. His speech in the climax leaves one stunned and questioning oneself that how “I was brainwashed” with yrs of liberal propaganda to hide facts”

The Kashmir Files

“… @bhashasumbli – “Soul”. If Anupam sir was the heart of the movie, she is the soul. She had the toughest job of them all. She lives through stories of BK Ganjoo, Girija Tikoo and many other KP in one character of Sharda Pandit. Take a bow ma’am !! She leaves the audiences numb.”

The Kashmir Files

“….In the end, the movie leaves you with moist eyes and just a question to ask “why” .. why was this truth hidden from us ? There’s a dialogue in the movie that captures it very rightly “Fake News is not the problem but hiding truth is”. This man sums up on behalf of every audience.”

I was deeply moved when I read Rahul Pandita’s book “Life Review – Our Moon Has Blood Clots“. Some of the events mentioned in this book are recreated in the movie. The visual medium is so powerful that it tears you apart.

There are many people who want bygones to be bygones, but that’s only when the tragedy befalls Hindus. Why don’t we let the Jewish genocide just slide us by ? Why bother about the tiny population of Jews ?

Genocide – West Vs East

Note the difference in the way the West deals with genocide and India is expected to deal with Hindu genocide – There are memorials for the Jews killed by Hitler and the bunker in Berlin where Hitler shot himself is not marked in any way. Its as though he didn’t exist. In contrast, the marauder Khilji who burnt the world’s largest library at Nalanda, pillaged the riches and raped our women has the town named after him – Bhaktiarpur.

Ok if that’s not good enough, we name roads, lanes and an important city after the worst Mughal ruler, the barbarian Aurangzeb. This vile man razed temples to the ground, spit into Hindu mouths and castrated thousands of Hindu men. We repay him with Aurangabad and Aurangzeb Lane/Road, making him a hero. Imagine a road in Germany named after Hitler.

We even name our children after despots – Stalin was supposedly worse than Hitler and we have a Chief Minister lovingly named after him.

A great emperor like Ashoka is made into a caricature by Bollywood while the Mughal rulers’ atrocities are all white washed and they are shown as patrons of art and great lovers of humanity.

Enough is enough … Hindu persecution is real and it needs to stop right now. We also need a Hindu genocide museum to chronicle our history of persecution. What’s not remembered will be repeated, with no lessons learnt. The next round may very well mean the end of our way of life.

Wake up at least now. Kashmiri Hindus were driven out of their homes just 32 years back and we all watched silently… What makes you so sure that you aren’t next in line ? Raliv Galiv ya Chaliv…

An old video clip about the Exodus …

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  1. Absolutely gut-wrenching. Krishna Pandit is “us”… our generation and those that will come after us! If we do not wish to accept the unvarnished truth and unwash (if that’s even a word!) our brains, we might as well be next! It’s so critical to be aware that this is not “history”. This happened merely 32 years ago. An entire genocide against a community was almost erased from the history of a nation by the so-called secularist politicians and media. If it can happen merely 30 years back in time, it can happen anytime in the future if we do not accept facts and follow it up with meaningful action. Which is to bring the perpetrators to justice and restore what belongs to Kashmiri Pandits back to them.


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