Ukraine Russia Crisis

I am not a geopolitical expert so my blogpost is an analysis of different viewpoints that I have read in the news and social media about the Ukraine Russia crisis. Am not taking sides except India’s because India is all that matters to me personally🙏🏿. I don’t know if Russia is the aggressor or Ukraine was played for a fool by the US. Read on and make deductions for yourself.

The Oil and Gas Industry – Changing landscape

One viewpoint is that the Ukraine Russia crisis is all about trillions of dollars worth natural resources in the Arctic. The US and Europe were having a stranglehold on the Arctic resources and with this attack on Ukraine, Russia will hold the cards.

The Middle East’s oil reserves are drying up. The Natural gas from Russia is critical for Europe and China. A few days before this crisis started Russia and China signed several oil and gas deals. Read about it here – Putin hails China oil and gas deals amid tensions with Europe. Remember the Russian gas pipeline supplying to China is different from the European one.

The two Nord Stream undersea pipelines supply nearly a quarter of the gas used annually by the European Union. Temporarily, Big Bully US has got Germany to put Nord Stream 2 on hold but Germany is already dependent on Russia for 35% of its energy needs. So the hold will be a temporary one. Read about it here – Nord Stream 2: How does the pipeline fit into the Ukraine-Russia crisis?

Ukraine and Poland charge heftily for over-the-land Russian pipelines, hence the need to go undersea.

Biolabs in Ukraine?

Another forward mentioned that USA has hidden Biolabs in Ukraine. These labs were gain-of-function labs exactly like the ones in Wuhan that supposedly released the Corona virus. The bolas are funded by the US Department of Defense. Russian armed forces have captured these labs …. no wonder Uncle Sam is worried.

Its truly funny to see the “paid” US media trying to outdo each other in denouncing the fact that there are biolabs in Ukraine funded by the US. Read this – Biological Threat Reduction Program.

Maybe the US embassy in Ukraine doesn’t know what the US govt does or couldn’t remove these posts quickly. Now its too late !!

India’s Multi-Alignment – Ukraine and Russia

There are many social media warriors from the CONgress and other jokers who have been crying hoarse about India becoming a mediator and helping Ukraine. A few facts for us to consider –

  1. No country intervened during the Kargil war and the US has always supported Pakistan. Even during the 1971 war – the US and UK actually sent warships to stop India from liberating East Pakistan. Russia came to our support.
  2. China has used the Wuhan virus to literally bring the world economy on its knees. Didn’t hear a squeak from any super power nor the spineless, irrelevant United Nations.
  3. NATO has been expanding its member countries constantly … offered Ukraine to become a part of it. Why should Russia stand around twiddling its thumb ?
  4. Ukraine voted against India in the UNSC and voted “YES” to UN interference in Kashmir 🙄.
  5. Ukraine sold Tanks and other weapons to our rogue neighbour Pakistan.

And hence, India abstains from voting on the UNSC draft resolution on the situation in Ukraine. BTW, Russia was presiding 😁. What an amazing world !

Ukraine Russia India

Indian Students in Ukraine

We have a rockstar in charge of external affairs, Dr. S Jaishankar. See the following tweets from him and sit tight. All Indian students will be evacuated safely. Don’t waste time on irrelevant videos appealing for help.

Ukraine Russia India
Ukraine Russia India

Signing off ! Hope the readers will leave their comments with their own take on this crisis.

The world is MODIfied just like India … the shackles of our colonial past are slowly falling off.

Jai Hind. Jai Hind Ki Sena.

3 thoughts on “Ukraine Russia Crisis”

  1. War is not the solution as the price paid (human suffering) does not justify any cause however worthy or unworthy. As much as I loathe that Putin is running an authoritarian regime in Russia, with Ukraine in particular there is definitely far more than what meets the eye. The news and social media are focused on painting Putin to be a monster as well as focusing on the emotional angle (note: not the humanitarian one which is far more critical !). However they are deliberately keeping away from the context and background that led to this yet another colossal failure in global affairs.

    The video below is extremely insightful. Prof. John Mearshiemer, a most respected political scientist and Distinguished Professor at Univ. of Chicago presents the historical facts and his point of view. He is neither left, right, center, left-center…whatever it is ideologies are labelled these days ! He is from the Realism school of thought. This is from his most recent interaction with univ. of Cambridge’s students. However he has predicted this path since 2008 and even as recently as 2014-15 when Russia invaded Crimea.

    Everyone who condemns Russia must watch this video, even if it is to simply listen to a different point of view.

    While I have nothing but admiration for the Ukrainian President who chose to stay with his people and fight for what he believes in, if he had more political experience and savvy he may have chosen the path of neutrality rather than adamant Western alignment. The most pragmatic course of action could have been to become a buffer state between Nato and Russia, and move the pawns in a way that benefits Ukraine the most. As much as Ukraine as a sovereign has the right to align anywhere it chooses to, they are geographically located next to a mammoth with whom they have deep civilizational ties as well !! It does not hurt to exercise restraint and diplomacy. It would have been smoother to ease their way into western liberal democratic ways than crusade their way into it ! One cannot after all expect Russia to welcome Nato (read US!) eyes and ears on its borders with open arms, when the US themselves went ballistic when Cuba invited Russia into their waters !!!!!!! What is good for the goose is good for the gander…trying to propagate anything else is pure hypocrisy.

    Sad state of affairs that could have been avoided if the intent were honest…which is to truly lead Ukraine on the path towards economic prosperity and true sovereignty. The intent from the West was to keep Russia in check, using Ukraine along the way. Dishonest intent never begets positive outcomes. It just ends in a train wreck.

    As for the way India is handling this situation, let us all be immensely grateful for this MEA under Shri. Jaishankar. Period. Any other than him and Shri. Tirumurti at the helm of affairs, we would have lost a friend and supporter in Russia who is pretty much the only nation that stood by India all these years.

      • The basis by which Israeli strategic foreign policy endeavors to negotiate with India and the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

        The non-alignment movement (NAM) promotes neutrality and opposes military alliances. The NAM provides a forum for developing countries to interact constructively with developed countries. The Panchsheel Resolution: POLICY OF RESISTING COLONIALISM, IMPERIALISM, RACISM:

        i) Mutual respect for another’s territorial integrity and sovereignty
        ii) No retaliation against one another.
        iii) No intrusion into each other’s personal lives.
        iv) Equality and mutual benefit
        v) Coexistence in harmony.

        Israel rejects and opposes attempts by foreign nations to determine the international borders of the Jewish State by any foreign nations which do not share a mutual international border with Israel. Distant foreign countries who attempt to determine the international borders of any other country which they do not share with an international border, whether conducted through “diplomacy” on an Ambassador level, or by means of the UN General Assembly resolutions and\or Security Council, that all such attempts violate international law by the crime of imperialism, and possibly racism.

        The Charter of the UN does not empower this post WWII establishment organization; the UN has no mandate to negate the internal domestic Sovereignty of any nation. How much more so, foreign powers possess no mandate to determine or establish the international borders of any non-neighboring countries with which they share no common border.

        Furthermore, any attempt to transform a stateless refugee population into an independent nation; any attempt to carve up one nation by means of an international proxy alliance, with the objective to establish any refugee non nation into a nation, with the intent to cut this refugee non nation away from any actual pre-existing nation, like British imperialism did with the artificial borders of India and Pakistan, Iraq and Kuwait, such actions define criminal militarism, colonialism and imperialism. Attempts of criminal imperialism, flagrantly/impudently\ violate International law. The illegal US military intervention and invasion into the Vietnam Civil War, the Iraq\Kuwait border dispute, and Afghanistan, these most recent examples, they serve as disgraceful attempts of Great Power imperialism.

        No foreign nation(ies) possess any moral mandate to determine the international borders of other countries to whom they do not mutually share a common border. How much more so, any and all attempts by any foreign country(ies) to impose or determine the Capital City and\or the borders of that Capital City, which any sovereign country has chosen as their Capital; which that People rule and establish order within their society and civilization. No foreign power, which includes the United Nations General Assembly or Security Council, has the power to unilaterally declare the borders or Capital City of any sovereign country on the Planet Earth.

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