Bhagwan, The Blessed One

For the last two days we have managed to go out in the afternoon for our walks. For nearly a week before that it was drizzling right through the day and we just couldn’t walk outside. I was listening to discourse number 4, in the series titled The Discipline of Transcendence Volume 2. Acharya Rajneesh became Bhagwan and then Osho. He is the Master of Masters for a reason … just read the following excerpts –

The full transcript is available on this link – The Discipline of Transcendence Volume 2, Discourse No. 4.


BECAUSE I AM – and because you are. And because only god is. There is no other way, there is no other way to be. You may know it, you may not know it.

The only choice is between ignorance and knowledge. The choice is not between whether to be a god or not to be a god; the choice is whether to recognize it or not. You can choose not to call, but you cannot choose not to be. But it has to be understood, because it is one of the most radical standpoints about life.

Life is made of one stuff. Call it god, call it matter, call it electricity. One thing is certain – that life consists of only one stuff. At the deepest, life is one unity. You can call it whatsoever you like. Scientists used to call it matter, now they have decided to call it electricity. Religious people decided to call it god, non-religious people decided to call it the world. But one thing is certain – that there exists only one thing.”

“…..There are only two ways to give a label to life. One is the way of the realist – he calls it matter. The other is the way of the poet, the dreamer – he calls it god.

I am an unashamed poet. I’m not a realist. I call myself god, I call you god, I call rocks god, I call trees god, and the clouds god…. The whole consists of only one stuff and I have chosen to call it god, because with god you can grow, with god you can ride on great tidal waves; you can go to the other shore. God is just a glimpse of your destiny. You give personality to existence.”

“…..The Indian term for god, Bhagwan, is even better than god. That word is tremendously meaningful. It simply means ‘the blessed one’ nothing else.

Bhagwan means ‘the blessed one’ – one who is fortunate enough to recognize his own being.

It has no christian associations. When you say ‘god’, it seems as if I have created the world. I deny all responsibility! I have not created this world. I am not that much a fool. The christian idea of god is one who has created the world.

Bhagwan is totally different. It has nothing to do with creating the world. It simply says one who has recognized himself as divine. In that recognition is benediction. In that recognition is blessing. He has become the blessed one.

You can also become. If I can become, why not you? Nothing is lacking – just a courage to penetrate your own soul, just a courage to enter yourself. You have been taught to be sinners – condemned crushed, crawling on the earth. Your wings have been cut and destroyed.

Calling myself Bhagwan, I would like simply to say to you to gather courage, reclaim your wings… the whole sky is yours. But without wings it is not yours.

Reclaim your wings and don’t allow anybody to condemn you. Respect yourself!

All that we need to do is reclaim our wings ! Hmmm

Master, am still laughing. Still stuck at the first line of your reply “Because I am”. Yes, you are Bhagwan indeed. 🙏🏿

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