Better Not, Vishal 😑

Krishnan and I finished watching the Netflix web series S.W.A.T last night. This is the second Netflix series that we have binge watched after Chicago Fire. Loved all the characters and it was interesting to watch how law and order issues are dealt with in a large city like Los Angeles. There are also personal stories mixed in with the policing bit. The series is a bit preachy and has too-good-to-be-true kind of characters involved but its one of the better directed series.

There are two break-ups shown in different episodes. One managed terribly and the other managed with a lot of sensitivity. One of the characters, Street, breaks up with Molly (the commander’s daughter). He does it face to face and tells her that she deserves a better person than himself. He is upfront, doesn’t prolong the agony and is sensitive to her feelings. People fall out of love and nothing wrong with that, but break-up with grace.

Contrast that with what happened yesterday. Vishal Garg, CEO of fired 900 employees over a Zoom call. 😑 You read it right, over a Zoom call, employees got to know that they were being terminated effective immediately. I understand that the pandemic has messed up everybody’s lives. People lost jobs, homes and loved ones. Its not a great time for anyone.

I just cannot imagine how it would feel to hear that I am fired, over a phone call with several other folks. I have had the experience of resigning and then being told that I should stop coming to the office from the next day itself. It happened early in my work life, but it still stings. I got over it, but I have never forgotten that feeling.

My first boss would always say, that two conversations shouldn’t come as a surprise – an appraisal rating and a termination. If it came as a surprise, then the manager is to be blamed. I have done my share of terminations. I don’t believe in letting people stew. BUT, in each and every case, the terminated employee was compensated well for the sudden loss of income and it was always done face to face. Its very hurtful but it has to be done some times.

Vishal Garg has been terribly insensitive to fire these employees over a Zoom call. CEO Vishal Garg Fires Over 900 Employees Over Zoom Call in US. It would have taken several hours to do individual phone calls, but that would have been respectful and a nicer way to do it.

Better Not Fire

I was reading a bit about Vishal Garg. This doesn’t look like a one off behaviour. He has been firing people randomly and insensitively over the years. I wonder how investors keep supporting him and how he ended up becoming a billionaire. This is probably the key to understanding how “success at any cost” plays out in real life. πŸ™

In my opinion, Vishal Garg needs therapy and must be stopped from taking any more business decisions. Its probably an utopian thought, but isn’t this why you have boards? Another way to teach this man a lesson, is to resign en masse. All the employees must resign at the same time without any notice after collecting their weekly/monthly pay.

Get help, Vishal.

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  1. Please excuse the ignorance of the TV-naive like me, but is Vishnal Garg a character or a real person? Although your point is well taken, it’s increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction in every area of life. Maybe there is no real difference.

    • Hahahaha you are so right !!! It’s difficult to separate fact from fiction. Vishal Garg is a real person who is the CEO of a US mortgage firm. He fired 900 employees over a video call :(:(. Didn’t like that so wrote about it.

      • Thank you for the clarification. The mortgage industry must be suffering, possibly another indicator of the collapse of the world-wide debt-backed economy. How many of those former employees will now lose their homes?

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