First ride in an Electric Car !

We went to Subbu’s house for breakfast on the 14th. Happy that we could stick to our tradition of having a Sunday breakfast at Subbu’s place in Chennai. The original plan was for the 7th, but rains ensured we couldn’t follow through. In fact we ended up being “locked in” for 5 days. Since we didn’t have a car with us, we asked Subbu to pick us up. He came in a TATA Nexon Electric Car.

What a cool car it is !! Totally noiseless and so comfortable. The effect of TATA’s taking over Jaguar Land Rover is seen in their cars – the styling is far superior and the cabin is really quiet. I still remember test driving a TATA Aria when it was launched and the cabin was so noisy. When I got to ride in a TATA Hexa, the experience was totally different. The TATA Nexon EV is a notch above any car that TATA’s have brought out.

TATA Electric Car
What a beauty ! The TATA Nexon EV.

We have an electric vehicle charging point setup in our condo complex since one of the residents has an electric vehicle. This is the future of automobiles. No wear and tear, noiseless cabins and great ride quality.

Am sure the infrastructure around these vehicles will also get developed. The fast charging points and I don’t know how these vehicles will deal with rains and water logging.

TATA Electric Car
Vocal for Local indeed !!

The “Vocal for Local” logo was stuck on the back window of Subbu’s car. Loved the logo and of course we love the concept !

Subbu did offer to let me drive the car, but I didn’t take him up on it this time. Was feeling a little under the weather. But am really tempted to try the vehicle. So thrilled 😃.

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