The New India

Five photographs that I downloaded from Twitter speak of the changing, New India. Here they are –

Oct 2 Greetings

New India
Downloaded from Twitter.

The very fact that India’s second Prime Minister, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri is mentioned on Oct 2nd itself denotes a major shift. For seven decades everyone would celebrate Oct 2 as Gandhi Jayanti as Gandhiji was born on this day. We hardly remembered that Shastri Ji was also born on this day !! The great Prime Minister who gave the clarion call of “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan” and died under mysterious circumstances in Tashkent.

So glad to see PM Modi mentioning Shastri Ji and also posting his picture on this day.

Ladakh – The World’s Largest Khadi National Flag

New India - flag

Why is this important ? Well, the world only listens to the largest, biggest, greatest, mostest, world No. 1 etc etc and putting the World’s largest Khadi National Flag at Ladakh, simply tells the world – Jammu and Kashmir was, is and will always be a part of India. In my mind, its also a message to China. The Tiranga flies high on the breaths of our soldiers – its their inspiration and what a massive one !

Tit for Tat – New India

New India

I love this New India, aggressive, in your face and without any colonial hangover. While Dr. Tharoor can continue impressing people with his clipped British accent and the forever erring lock of hair that he sweeps back rather irritatingly …. the New India doesn’t care to kowtow to our erstwhile colonial masters !

If UK thought that we will pussyfoot around this well, they mis-thought.

The World’s largest Vaccination Drive

New India - Vaccination

That’s 900 million vaccinations … nearly three America’s !! And all the vaccines are produced in India. Covaxin is wholly indigenous. If this is not New India, what is ?? If it was anybody other than Mr. Modi as the PM, we would have been out with a begging bowl for the vaccine. There are a million other reasons to support Modiji but this is as important as the others !

The North East Integration

Read the tweet below a couple of times. Two things stand out.

New India - North East

We are running the World’s largest vaccination drive and very successfully, but the above tweet is important for two other reasons. This is a picture from Manipur, one of the eight “neglected” North Eastern states and the use of “drones”. The North East is no longer neglected, they are as totally integrated.

Hey, we are the hep, cool, technologically advanced New India. Whether its Arogya Setu, or getting your digital vaccination certificate seconds after you get the second dose – India is way ahead of the World.

Let that sink in !!!

#ModiHaiTohMumkinHai #RockstarPM #NewIndia

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