Why PM Modi is different !

The recent trip of Mr. Modi to the US was a huge success despite the HMVs and other detractors making light of it. Absent was the hug that Mr. Modi is famous for, instead it was very cold vibes that President Biden got from PM Modi. In fact when President Biden came with outstretched arms to probably pat or hug Mr. Modi, our rockstar PM walked in holding a Namaste and President Biden had to reciprocate with a Namaste. Absolutely loved that ❤️.

Of course the most famous picture from the trip was the following one – The Meme makers had a field day with this one !! My guess is Mr. Modi just told Kamala Mami to behave herself and not make ludicrous statements about India. 😁. On a side note, Kamala Mami really bothers me. I don’t know her and she may be a wonderful person but I get very uncomfortable when I see her on TV.

PM Modi

I came across a fantastic tweet thread by Mr. Atul Mishra on why PM Modi’s US tour was a huge success when it could have easily been a disaster. The link to the thread is here – PM Modi’s US Tour.

Reposting it here –

PM Modi’s US tour could easily have been a disaster, but PM Modi averted it - a thread.
Now that the dust around PM Modi’s US trip has settled, the sounds of Dhols and Nagadas have subsided, let me bring to you the biggest success of PM Modi’s US tour.

Had it been any other prime minister, this US tour would have been a nightmare but PM Modi’s credibility, charisma and global standing prevented it.

Let’s first of all understand Biden and the invisible hands that guide him. Democrats and American Deep State were given a telling blow by Donald Trump who threatened to burn their empire to the ground. Donald Trump was dumped unceremoniously.

When Biden came to power, he began cracking down on Trump’s friends almost immediately. Netanyahu was the first casualty as Biden took no time to revive the JCPOA. During the time of elections, Biden almost campaigned against Netanyahu.

Mohammad Bin Salman was the next. Saudi Arabia is the king of the Muslim world and Trump’s Abraham accord that brought Jews and Muslims together had his silent approval.
The Abraham accord was a major geopolitical win for Trump that MBS facilitated. Hence Biden took no time in attacking the Saudi Crown prince over Jamal Khasoggi and 9/11 case.

Mohammad Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, the crown prince of UAE was next on Biden’s agenda. Biden administration almost canceled the $23 billion sale of F-35 jets to the UAE.

Prime Minister Modi wasn’t just a friend of Trump but he gave him political dais twice - once in the US and next time in India. Needless to say, this must have caused a huge upswing in the number of Indian American votes for Donald Trump. This was not lost on Biden.

Additionally, India is the best friend of Russia and Democrats loath Putin. When Biden told Erdogan to cancel s400 deal with Russia, Turkey immediately complied. The same message was sent to India. India immediately denied.

So when PM Modi went to the US, Biden saw a friend of Russia and an ally of Donald Trump. He could have given visible hints about his angst with PM Modi but he chose not to. Instead it was PM Modi who walked in all his splendour owning all places he went to.

PM Modi is the biggest world leader at this point of time. Under him India has emerged as an economic powerhouse and a military superpower that doesn’t waste a second in snapping Chinese necks.

PM Modi now truly represents the new India. And anything that’s remotely disrespectful of PM Modi would be taken as India’s insult.

Not just Russia but Australia, Japan and lately Taiwan are all good friends with India - countries that are crucial for the containment of China.

So there, Biden may hate PM Modi on a personal level, on a professional level, he will always be the one trying to hug Prime Minister Modi. That’s PM Modi’s biggest victory.
PM Modi - Quad
The awesome threesome – EAM Jaishankar, NSA Ajit Doval and our beloved PM Modi at the Quad…

Many people continue to underestimate, overestimate or try to fit PM Modi into their image of what he should be. I enjoy doing that too. This is a very different leader than anyone we have seen. He is a genuine visionary and India’s good Karma brought him into the Prime Minister’s role.

He is changing India and the New India will be like the ancient Bharat – rich, powerful, technologically advanced and most importantly, dharmic. May the power be with Mr. Modi. Am just a grateful citizen and an unabashed admirer. 🙏🏾

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