Osho on God & Devil

Today I was listening to discourse No. 6 from the series titled Discipline of Transcendence. These discourses are on the 42 Sutras of Buddha.

Link to the transcript – http://oshosearch.net/Convert/Articles_Osho/The_Discipline_of_Transcendence_Volume_1/Osho-The-Discipline-of-Transcendence-Volume-1-00000006.html

“… The devil is like darkness. It is and yet it is not. Darkness is the absence of light, the devil is the absence of god. You bring light in, darkness disappears; you bring god in, the devil disappears. There has never been a meeting between darkness and light, and there has never been an encounter between the devil and god.

There is an old hindu story. Once darkness went to god and appealed and said, ‘I have not done anything wrong, but your sun every morning goes on chasing me, for no reason at all, and I am tired of running away from here to there, and the sun goes on chasing me round the earth! This is unjust.’

God said, ‘I will call the sun.’ The sun was called, and god asked the sun, ‘Why do you go on creating trouble for my darkness? She has not done anything wrong to you. This is unjust.’

The sun was surprised. He said, ‘I have never come across her. What are you talking about? What do you mean by darkness? I have never come across anything like that. Please call her in front of me.’

The case is still in the files. God has been trying but it is impossible to call darkness in front of the sun. It is not possible in the nature of things because darkness is not a reality. It exists and yet it does not exist. It is absence.

It is the same with the devil, and it is good that the devil is painted as dark, black. That is just to show that the nature of it is like darkness. God is called ‘light’ in the Koran, in the Bible, in the Vedas. In all the scriptures of the world, god is synonymous with light. Meaningful, significant. It simply says that when god is there, the devil cannot be.”

“….. The devil is more real an experience than god, but still I would like to tell you, the devil is not. It is more an experience because you are asleep and unaware. And you can go any moment berserk; you can be possessed by it.

The difference between a possessed human being and a non-possessed human being is only of degrees.

You just watch your mind. You can always feel that you are almost always on the verge. Any moment you can move into the territory of the devil. He is just sitting on the fence watching for you, inviting you. You just sit down, close your doors and windows and write down whatsoever comes into your mind for fifteen minutes, and you will see that it is as if it is a scripture written by the devil. Just be true, nobody is going to see it. You just be true and honest and just write whatsoever is going. You will feel almost madness oozing out of you. This madness can any day become devilish.”

“… Cultivate individuality, cultivate your own awareness and then you will be less and less in the grip of the devil. The devil means the collective mind, the devil means the collective sleepiness, the collective drunkenness.”

Remember – the Devil is darkness and God is light 🤣🤣.

The picture above is from last night and the one below is from today morning – darkness and light 🤣

Thank You Master 🙏

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