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Today I listened to the 5th discourse from Osho’s talks on the 42 Sutras of Buddha compiled as the Discipline of Transcendence Vol 1 and 2. For the entire transcript of the discourse please click on this link – Be therefore mindful.

I have finally found THE discourse that’s meant for me. This is my Master reaching out from the beyond to speak to me 1:1. His examples are my statements, his message is for me. I felt like the world fell away and many of my fellow morning walkers would have been thinking that am a bit lost. I wasn’t lost, I was just sitting at the lotus feet of my Master and my ears were being tweaked hahahahaha.

Expect me to share different excerpts from this discourse in several blogs. For today its about the journey from CPA to CA.

CPA – Child Parent Adult

“…… In the modern Humanistic Potential Movement there is a parallel to understand it. That’s what Transactional Analysis calls the triangle of PAC. P means parent, A means adult, C means child. These are your three layers, as if you are a three- storied building. First floor is that of the child, second floor is that of the parent, third floor is that of the adult. All three exist together.

This is your inner triangle and conflict. Your child says one thing, your parent says something else, your adult, rational mind says something else.

The child says ‘enjoy’. For the child this moment is the only moment; he has no other considerations. The child is spontaneous, but unaware of the consequences – unaware of past, unaware of future. He lives in the moment. He has no values and he has no mindfulness, no awareness. The child consists of felt concepts; he lives through feeling. His whole being is irrational.

Of course he comes into many conflicts with others. He comes into many contradictions within himself, because one feeling helps him to do one thing, then suddenly he starts feeling another feeling. A child never can complete anything. By the time he can complete it his feeling has changed. He starts many things but never comes to any conclusion. A child remains inconclusive. He enjoys – but his enjoyment is not creative, cannot be creative. He delights – but life cannot be lived only through delight. You cannot remain a child forever. You will have to learn many things, because you are not alone here.

If you were alone then there would be no question – you could have remained a child forever. But the society is there, millions of people are there; you have to follow many rules, you have to follow many values. Otherwise there will be so much conflict that life would become impossible. The child has to be disciplined – – and that’s where the parent comes in.

The parental voice in you is the voice of the society, culture, civilization; the voice that makes you capable of living in a world where you are not alone, where there are many individuals with conflicting ambitions, where there is much struggle for survival, where there is much conflict. You have to pave your path, and you have to move very cautiously.

The parental voice is that of caution. It makes you civilized. The child is wild, the parental voice helps you to become civilized. The word.’civil’ is good. It means one who has become capable of living in a city; who has become capable of being a member of a group, of a society.”

“….. The parental voice gives you commandments – what to do, what not to do. The feeling simply goes blind. The parent makes you cautious. It is needed.

And then there is the third voice within you, the third layer, when you have become adult and you are no more controlled by your parents; your own reason has come of age, you can think on your own.

The child consists of felt concepts; the parent consists of taught concepts, and the adult consists of thought concepts. And these three layers are continuously in fight. The child says one thing, the parent says just the opposite, and the reason may say something totally different.”

“…..If you follow the child, if you follow the feeling, the parent is angry and then you start feeling guilt. If you follow the parent then your child feels that he is being forced into things which he does not want to do. Then your child feels he is being unnecessarily interfered with, unnecessarily trespassed upon. Freedom is lost when you listen to the parent, and your child starts feeling rebellious.

If you listen to the parent, your adult mind says, ‘What nonsense! These people never knew anything. You know more, you are more in tune with the modern world, you are more contemporary.Β …..”

CPA to CA – Choiceless Awareness

“…All these angles have been chosen and tried, and nothing has worked. Buddha’s standpoint is totally different. That’s his original contribution to human consciousness. He says not to choose any, he says move in the center of the angle.

Don’t choose reason, don’t choose parent, don’t choose the child; just move in the very center of the angle and remain silent and become mindful. His approach is tremendously meaningful. And then you will be able to have a clear perspective of your being. And out of that perspective and clarity let the response come.

We can say it in another way. If you function as a child, that is a childish reaction. Many times you function as a child. Somebody says something and you get hurt, and a tantrum and anger and temper… you lose everything.Β “

“…..Or you follow your parental voice, but later on you think that still you are dominated by your parents. You have not yet become an adult, mature enough to take the reins of your life into your own hands. Or sometimes you follow reason, but then you think that reason is not enough, feeling also is needed.Β “

“….Buddha says these are all reactions and any reaction is bound to be partial – only response is total – and whatsoever is partial is a mistake. That’s his definition of error: whatsoever is partial is a mistake. Because your other parts will remain unfulfilled and they will take their revenge. Be total. Response is total, reaction is partial.

When you listen to one voice and follow it you are getting into trouble. You will never be satisfied with it. Only one part will be satisfied, the other two parts will be very much dissatisfied. So two thirds of your being will be dissatisfied, one third of your being will be satisfied, and you will always remain in a turmoil.

Whatsoever you do, reaction can never satisfy you, because reaction is partial.

Response – response is total. Then you don’t function from any triangle, you don’t choose; you simply remain in a choiceless awareness. You remain centered.

And out of that centering you act, whatsoever it is. It is neither child nor parent nor adult. You have gone beyond PAC. It is you now – neither the child nor the parent nor the adult. It is you, your being. That PAC is like a cyclone and your center is the center of the cyclone.”

Please Note : the highlights are mine and these are excerpts that I wanted to share today.

As always the Master focuses on awareness … but the tools and examples used in this discourse “fit with me”. Thank You Master πŸ™πŸΏ..

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