Sterlite & AMUL – The Common Thread

Sterlite Plant

We know that closure of the Sterlite plant in Thoothukudi ensured that India became a net importer of Copper from being self sufficient. The Sterlite plant was again in the news during April as they had the capacity to produce oxygen. Atleast they received approval to open the plant only for Oxygen production 🙄.

Raji Subramanian, an ex-employee of Sterlite had tweeted about its closure in 2018 and am re-sharing that to set the context. The link to the thread is –

Check out how Fake Activism has fueled #BreakingIndia forces targeting #Sterlite! Follow this thread for the latest Updates about #Sterlite Copper!

After the May 22nd incident , TN Govt ordered permanent closure of #Sterlite without providing any opportunity to the alleged for reasoning. This knee jerk reaction from TN govt was supported by TNPCB by issuing a notice of closure without stating the actual scientific reasons.

Sterlite later went on challenging TN Govt and TNPCB for the permanent closure of the plant! Principle of Natural justice was clearly denied to the company, purely to gain and mislead the sentiment of Tamil people in order to win vote banks.

The Court directed that this case should be taken over by #NGT appointed independent committee headed by Justice Tarun agarwal.The evaluation is meant to happen based only on the grounds of facts and scientific Evidences. This shows the transparency of data that can be challenged.

As usual, the science and facts scared the activists and their agenda which lead them to play the TamilVsNorth indian card. The Activists went silent whenever there was a demand for scientific Evidences against their claim!

In between, post the NGT visit in Tuticorin, this issue became a war of who submits more letters only to show a manufactured strength against Sterlite. The Sterlite workers and supporters were manhandled by fringe elements during public hearing.

During the series of hearing, the activists like Nityanand Jayaraman, Fathima Babu, Thermal Raja and Sundarrajan etc; weren't able to provide even a single worthy evidence against #Sterlite. This shows their motive and their campaign purely based on rumours and public sentiments.

Recently, the anti Sterlite protestor 's scandals are being exposed. Starting from #Mahesh for getting 50L as told by a local villager, Fathima Babu for various reasons along with her funding of RS 11 crores from an NGO called the other media with the support of Nityanand Jayaram.

After the investigation, the committee has submitted the report to NGT on 26th Nov. In today's hearing, the committee stated that the closure of plant was not justifiable and against natural justice.

Committee also recommended few conditions for Sterlite and TNPCB for implementation. 

They have recommended to #Reopensterlite

#Sterlite's counsel Aryama sundaram has stated that the closure is only because of politics and not because of pollution. We will continuously demand for reopening the plant as early as possible.

Our fake activist #NityJayaraman is trying to deviate the whole issue and his incompetence to submit the evidences by accusing the committee head of his past cases. He is also instigating another violent protest through his tweet quoting "Fight is not in NGT, it is Elsewhere".

News channels are again misleading the public by interviewing #Fathima Babu, #Nityanandjayaram and #Mahesh who has been accused of scandals in this issue! 
Please , see the issue of industries in a scientific way and invite more industrial experts to talk about it

Raji has been almost a lone voice that’s kept the Sterlite issue alive atleast on Twitter. The whole environmental pollution issue seems to be a farce !!! No improvement to water or air quality in Thoothukudi two years after the Sterlite plant was closed.

Sterlite - Thread

And guess what, the current CM of TamilNadu Stalin had inaugurated the Sterlite plant in 2009 and the same man lead protests to close the plant, taking away 14 lives in the process !!

Sterlite - thread

India has not just become a net importer of Copper but also Sulphuric acid (one of the byproducts that was used by fertiliser companies). Who gained ? China and Pakistan.


Recently PETA urged AMUL to start producing Vegan milk. Sounds innocuous and in keeping with the times when Veganism is growing across the world. BUT, there is a catch. India became self sufficient in Milk production with the AMUL cooperative movement.

There are 8.4 million farmers dependent on dairy sector for their livelihood. Of these 71% are women.

What’s the catch ? If cow and buffalo milk is banned or AMUL switches to Vegan options (nut milk or soya milk) what happens to the income of these 8.4 million farmers?

The Cow Based Economy

India for ages has been a Cow based economy. I was discussing with a newly minted urban farmer who got into organic farming and desi cow dairy business that AMUL inadvertently killed the Cow based economy. Every part of the Cow is used – Milk obviously, the cow dung is medicinal and the cakes are used as fuel, also “Gobar” gas is a renewable alternative for LPG, GauMutra or Cow urine is patented in the US for its medicinal properties again. Bulls were used for farming, oil presses and in places like Maharashtra for crushing Sugar Cane !!

The whole Jallikattu movement was undermined and PETA tried talking about ethical treatment of Bulls ….Jallikattu is not a sport. Its a way to keep virile Bulls healthy and cows not requiring the dreaded artificial insemination for continuous milk production :(:(:(.

If only PETA had asked AMUL to start selling only organic A2 milk, I would have been the first to sign up. That is the way forward. Organic A2 cow milk is a medicine and its food. Not the crap milk that we get in pouches – that’s pasteurised and mixed with stabilisers etc. If PETA had asked AMUL to give up the foreign breeds and focus on the desi cow breeds, I would have supported that.

Some other ramifications of non-dairy milk

I like the vegan movement. I would only want that to be a vegetarian movement. The alternatives to regular milk that are being proposed – Soya and Almond are EXPENSIVE. Who is the largest producer of Soybeans in the world ? Its a toss up between the US and Brazil. Where is PETA registered ? Hahahahahahaha yes, you guessed it right, the United States of America !

AMUL vs PETA - Thread

Question 2 – Which country is the largest producer of almonds in the world ? 68% of all the almonds produced in the world are from the US. See the connection ? Why suddenly PETA picks up AMUL ?

So its not as if PETA suddenly felt bad for the foreign Jersey cows that are struggling in the Indian summers ….The FCRA route of sending money to India (to foment trouble) using the cover of NGOs has been effectively closed by the Government of India. When God closes one door, he open a window, right? AMUL is the window of opportunity !

The Common Thread

While the Sterlite closure and Amul Vs Peta seem like two different campaigns, the common thread is foreign powers hitting at India’s self sufficiency. Some genuine “page 3” type fools and some traitors in the garb of “activists” help these campaigns inside the country :(. The fact that WHO delays recognising Covaxin as a Covid19 vaccine is also part of the same agenda. If Covaxin is accepted quickly, Pfizer and Moderna’s multi billion dollar vaccine heist turns to dust !

The vultures keep circling when they see opportunities to make a killing or feast on the dead… India’s self sufficiency will hurt the big economies, so expect a long drawn battle. China is targeting India’s agriculture next. There are seeds being sent to farmers randomly. Some of the organic farmers in a group that I am part of have shared this information.

Be aware. Be alert. India becoming a stronger nation is not convenient for China and the US. Our efforts will be attacked in many ways. Watch out !

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