Hold on, Hanuman is on the Way 🙏🏿

Today is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti in North India. For South Indians he is born in the month of Margazhi (Approx Dec 15th to Jan 14th). I had written about it – Sri Hanumanth Jayanti, Jai Bajrang Bali.

At home, its Hanuman’s day everyday. He is Amma’s favourite and infact he is a favourite in my maternal side of the family. My great grandmother was a Hanuman bhakt. Most of my uncles and aunts are Anjaneya bhakts as are many of my friends.

For Hanuman Jayanti, I wore the bright Fanta Orange Saree that I inherited from Amma’s trousseau.

Saree - Orange Silk

I have written about this particular saree in 2016 – World Saree Day – Dec 21st. Its one of my all time favourite. Apparently the bright orange is Sri Rama’s favourite colour and when Ma Sita said that to Hanuman, he went and applied this colour all over himself :). That is the kind of Bhakti Hanuman has for Sri Rama.

The Origin of the name Hanuman

Hanuman was very naughty as a child. He was very hungry one day and saw the Sun rising. He misunderstood the Sun for a big fruit and tried to swallow the Sun ! It was the day of Eclipse and Rahu was on its way to cast a shadow across the Sun. As soon as Hanuman saw Rahu, he tried to eat Rahu :). Rahu went running to Indra Deva and complained. When Indra Deva came out to see Hanuman, he playfully tried to gobble him up 😂.

Indra Deva used his weapon the Vajra (Thunderbolt) on Hanuman. As the child-Hanuman fell lifeless towards the Earth, Vayu Deva who is Hanuman’s father catches him and carries him into a cave. Vayu Deva is angry with Indra and other devas for hurting his son. He inhales and holds his breath. Brahma and other devas immediately rushed to this cave because if Vayu Deva doesn’t exhale, no one can breathe and life will come to a standstill.

All the Devas went with Brahma to pacify Vayu Deva. Brahma brought Hanuman back to life and gave him the boon that the Brahmastra will be ineffective on him. Yama offered him immortality and freed him of all ailments. Surya Deva offered to teach him all the scriptures. Varuna Deva made him immune to water. Indra Deva made him immune to the Vajra and also named him Hanuman because of his swollen jaw.

The all knowing Jnani

Surya Deva kept up his promise to Hanuman and taught him the one unifying truth, three tattvas, four vedas, ashtanga yoga, mimamsa and nine grammars. He forgot all the knowledge and his powers for a few years but remembered everything when Jambavan reminded him. Read about that in an earlier blog of mine – Hanuman, Jambavan and potential 🙂.

No wonder we pray to Anjaneya for knowledge, intelligence and courage. He is a chiranjeevi so for those of us who believe, he is very much around, a living God.

I received a really nice pic over WhatsApp which is very relevant to the current situation in India –


Just as Hanuman brought the Sanjeevani for Lakshmana, he is now working overtime to bring it to all those affected by Corona. He is working through the doctors, nurses, health workers, vaccine manufacturers and several other people to ensure the world is rid of this virus quickly.

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