Mangalwar – Auspicious Yellow

The Hindi name for Tuesday is Mangalwar – Mangal means auspicious, it also denotes Mangal Griha or Planet Mars. In Tamil Tuesday is செவ்வாய்க்கிழமை (Chevvai Kizhamai), again denoting Planet Mars. So much for the North-South divide 🙄. Tuesdays are also the days devoted to Hanuman.

Today as per the colour of the day, one is supposed to wear red, but for me the colour that denotes all things auspicious is yellow. So I chose to highlight yellow today.

Yellow - Tree
My friend Ravindra standing in front of a gorgeous tree whose leaves have turned yellow !
Mangalwar - yellow
A Tree in our condo complex whose leaves have partially turned yellow !
Yet another Tree in our condo complex whose leaves have partially turned yellow !
Yellow flowers
Was waiting for these flowers to bloom fully – Such a beautiful energising yellow
Mangalwar - Yellow
I only know the berries of this plant – they were called tun tun and I have eaten quite a lot of them. These flowers are super cute !

Tuesdays are also considered Hanuman’s day in North India. Am not so sure about South India. Here is my favourite Hanuman at Peelamedu, Coimbatore. His “alankaram” is done by my elder brother Narayana Bhattar. This picture is from a few weeks back, but in keeping with the colour of the day – Yellow.

Hanuman Yellow
Peelamedu Anjaneyar 🙏🏿

Fruit of the day ? Well should be easy enough. Mangoes !

Mango Yellow
Mango season 2021 starts with a Banganapalli

Vegetable of the day ? I chose to make Mac ‘n’ cheese for breakfast and added Yellow Capsicum, keeping the colour theme in mind. You will have to search for the Macaroni because its more veggies than pasta.

Yellow Capsicum
Mangalwar Breakfast with yellow capsicum

Have a Mangalmay (good) day !

2 thoughts on “Mangalwar – Auspicious Yellow”

  1. NICE POST, The full effect of Basant Panchami is being felt on Tuesday.
    Sankat Mochan Temple in Varanasi is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, I like to go there like you PEELAMEDU.

    • Yes. Have been to the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir in Varanasi too. The interesting thing is I haven’t visited Peelamedu Hanuman temple yet. I get pictures everyday because my elder brother is the Pandit there.:):)


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