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One of my LIC policies had matured and we had to submit the original policy document at the LIC branch in Nehru Place. As we had to give the car for service at Okhla, we combined the two activities.

A swanky metro station has come up at the entrance of Nehru Place, nearly blocking Paras Cinema from view. The sad thing though is the fact that only the metro station is swanky…. behind that Nehru Place or Nehru Palace (as the locals call it) is drab, garbage filled and an eyesore.

Nehru Place
Nehru Place

I understand that we went on a Monday, and early in the morning. Finding small garbage piles, tiles broken, water overflowing and plastic bags thrown everywhere is a terrible sight for any office goer. Why doesn’t it bother any of the employees who come to work to Nehru Place? NDMC seems to be living inside a garbage mound :(.

Where is the #SwachhBharat campaign? Is Thugpurush Kejriwal expecting Mr. Modi to sweep up Delhi using AAP’s broom ? I guess he feels no shame in seeing his tiny state looking filthy… reflecting his filthy mind.

The buildings in Nehru Place need a facelift and a lot of rework, redesign internally. They are like a maze. The LIC office has shifted from Vardhaman Towers to Khemka Towers or atleast the entrance has changed to Gate 2. But there is no information anywhere. There is no lift for a second floor office. What if some senior citizen had to come over to submit or sign a policy?

Actually, Nehru Place is a great example to see the development happening in India. A huge section moves forward and adopts all the positive changes while another side strives hard to keep things the same. Vizag was a dirty city, but look at it now and you don’t feel like using the word dirty when you are in there ! Delhi was a beautiful city. The Delhi Metro stations and even the tracks etc are aesthetically done, but places like Nehru Palace remain as bad as ever.

Ever the optimist, am hoping things will turn around and we will see the beautiful face of Delhi soon.

#DilliMeriJaan #SwachhBharat

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